Some quick background information on the story. Its set on a post-apocoliptic Earth, but its not exactly called Earth. Its called the Centinal. You see, during another nuclear war scare, someone mysteriously fired every missle at the same time and, of course it destroyed most of the cities in the world. The survivors found most of civilization dead and went back to monarchy governments as the Centinal was becoming more populated, So mankind pretty much set itslf back into the middle ages and technology has become the new legends of old. Unfortunately, some survivors suffered from the fallout and were turned into mutants, while others turned into Vampires and Were-creatures. The Shadow Alliance is basically one of those twisted monarchies whose leader wants complete world domination, and their warriors are the creatures that were created in the fallout.

By the way, the lack of italics means that it is the story teller telling the story, while the italics mean that he is talking outside the story. Hope that cleared some of that up! If not, then just E-Mail me. Thanks for reading and please enjoy the story.

That particular day happened to be a miserably rainy one. A young man, no older than twenty two walked into the small, warm inn. His tattered grey cloak was completely drenched from the downpour outside. Removing the cloak, he sat next to a crackling fire that burned in the middle of the floor and set his damn cloak on a stone, trying to dry it near the fire. The grubby inn keep watched the man do this through his bushy black eyebrows and walked up to him, grumbling something under his breath. The young man looked up at the inn keep, smiling as the old man glared down at him, scratching his mid-length salt and pepper beard.

"Hey boy, ya need two gold coins to stay here. I don't take in freeloaders." he said gruffly, holding out a rather large, calloused hand.

"Of course. I'm very sorry." he said, digging into his pockets. After a bit of digging, he pulled out two silver coins. "Oh...I seem to only have silver..." he said, holding them out. The inn keep glared.

"I don't take silver. If ya don't have the money, then get out. I ain't housin' any freeloaders." he said, turning his back on the man and walking back to his post.

He sighed and gathered his things, putting on his cloak and shivering slightly. He went about halfway to the door before stopping abrumptly. The inn keep frowned.

"Hey! I thought I told ya to leave! Don't make me throw ya out!" he practically shouted, jumping over the counter.

"Wait! Please hear me out before you do anything hasty! I just thought of a proposition." he said, as he turned towards the inn keep.

"Proposition? What kind of proposition?" the inn keep asked gruffly, raising an eyebrow.

The young man cleared his throat. "Alright. I am a story teller. If I tell a good story, then you must provide my room and food until I have finished telling it. If it isn't good, then you can throw me out in the rain.

He thought for abit, considering the terms. "Hmmm...well, alright then! You've got yerself a deal!" he said, shaking the young storytellers hand, patting his back roughly. "So, what's yer name?"

The story teller grined. "My friends call me many things; crazy, stupid, birdman...I don't know why they call me birdman, but they do...anyways, you can call me whatever you think fits me."

The innkeep thought. "I'll just call ya Storyteller, 'cause I don't feel like thinkin' right now. So start yer storytellin' before I throw ya out."

The story teller nodded and walked back to his spot near the fire, setting everything where it was supposed to be. By this time, a few interested guests had eard the deal made by the two men and sat around the fire, eager for a good story.

He cleared his throat loudly as the innkeep sat with his guests. "Alright. This particular story starts a few years ago on a small world called...well lets just say it started on Earth. It began when a yound thief named Zefer Helios decided to pull the biggest heist of her carreer..."

"No lets see...if I go through, no. I'll get caught for sure. What about...nah, thats jus a stupid move. The only sure way in would be if I go through the window...but I could be seen from way up there...but I've got to do this if I wanna make a big name for myself!" Zefer said as she stared at a map of the highly guarded Alexander Castle.

She scratched her head in frustration as she tried to get her plan straight. "Who knew that six little jems could give me such a huge headache." she said, shaking her head. "Stupid thieves guild requirements...why did they give me the hard mission...that's so sexist! But oh well." she shrugged and walked cautiously and swiftly towards the castle.

She hid behind a tall tree just outside of the Castle walls. She jumped up onto the tree limb and looked over the wall into the courtyard.

Six guards with bayonets, swords and crossbows stood at their posts, watching intently for any intruders who might attempt to harm the royal family. Zefer grinned and sat back on the tree limp, marking six little X's on her map with her pen. She rummaged in her deep pockets, pulling out goggles in one hand and a flash grenade in the other. She grinned and pulled her goggles on, then pulled the trigger out of the grenade, throwing it over the wall as it landed infront of the guards, who stared at it dumbfoundedly as it went off, a bright white light erupting from the small device. As the guards fell to the floor, holding their hands over their eyes, Zefer ran past them silently and swiftly. As she ran, she threw her rope to the palcony of the castle...her destination. She climbed up the wall quickly, only loosing her footing once as she climbed over the edge of the balcony. She peered into the room through the glass door...the room was empty and dark.

Grinning, she opened the doors and walked in, closing them silently behind her. She opened a few drawers, but found nothing of importance. Then, she oped a small wooden and very expensive looking box. Bingo. She opened it and revealed three beautiful gems; one was green, another a deep blue and the last a crimson red.

"Hmm...three out of six gems...this is bad. Everybody must be going after these. Where could the rest be..." she asked herself quietly as she took out her map and crossed the room of, marking three dots to signify the three gems.

"Man, I'd better be careful with these. They seem pretty old." she said, shoving the expensive gems into her pockets roughly. She opened the door just enough for her to peek out. She looked cautiously and stepped in, closing the door silently. She looked around the room in the dark. A figure lay in the bed, their breathing came evenly...someone from the Royal Family. Zefer gulped nervously, she had never taken this into consideration.

'Crapcrapcrapcrap...' she repeated in her head, taking very tiny baby steps over to another wooden box and opening it. Only two gems; a purple one and a bright pink one.

"Damn, only two of them...where the hell could they put the sixth one?" she asked as the figure in the bed turned in their sleep, an orange thing glinting off their finger. Zefer walked slowly over to them. She peered at the figures face. It was a young woman, the Princess to be exact. Then she looked down at her finger. An orange gem was fitted onto a silver base...the sixth gem. She grinned widely and took the Princess's hand to try and get the ring off...she almost had it off, when the Princess opened her eyes.

"...opened her eyes." the story teller finished, grinning to himself as everyone, even the innkeep looked at him intently.

"...Is that it?" a young boy asked in disappointment. The story teller nodded.

"Only for now. Unless this fine inn keep doesn't think the story is good." he said, looking over at the innkeep, who stroked his beard.

"Well, I gotta admit...that was pretty good. I'll let ya keep tellin' it." he grunted. The story teller smiled.

"Alright then. So, whick room do I have?"