Dear whatever readers I still have,

I AM SOO SORRY. I haven't updated in a realllllly long time but that was because of many

that I have made in my life recently. I have just left and started a whole new school and went through

three computers that crashed and had to be rebooted, so there went most of my old chapters. I have

just been really blah. But now I'm trying to sort everything out. I apologize sincerely. But now I have to

tell you guys that the stories are probably on hold for awhile while I sort everything out. I just reread

everything and realized what a trainwreck it is, so I will have to fix it soon. But testing has all been over,

so I'm pretty much dandy right now. So, I'll pay more attention on writing. I am still very sorry for

putting whatever readers into hating me.


Me. :