My last day at Wiseman



I remember the last day as of compulsory education at Cardinal Wiseman very clearly.

You see roughly a year or two before I entered the terrifying world of GCSE's my old school started to introduce a thing called 'Exam Leave'.

The idea of exam leave was for us to spend the last few months of the school year (our final year might I add) preparing and revising for our GCSE exams (shivers).

However I didn't really do that. Well not much of it at least.

I spent most of my exam leave earning money babysitting my two drooling baby brothers, delivering papers as part of my paper round, and going to the city centre where there was a Forbidden Planet store just roughly 30 minutes walk from my house.

Sorry I've just realised I'm babbling here. Any who my last day.

The only lesson I could remember on my last day of school was maths the final lesson before I could bog off home and watch Pokemon.

I remember sitting there at my desk listening to my teacher go on and on about what our homework was going to be when suddenly we all jumped out of our sits in shock after hearing a loud roar from the other room.

Within seconds we all calmed down as we saw our year mates all running out of the building cheering at the top of their lungs as they ran straight pass the gate and into the street.

Then within seconds my class stormed out of the classroom cheering at the top of our own lungs whilst our teacher simply just stared at us.

Paper was being thrown everywhere in different directions, people were hugging each other whilst others were just shouting at the top of their lungs telling their former teachers to 'F-OFF'.

Not the wisest of moves as many of us were going to be coming back within the next week to take our exams.

But who could blame us. At the time I didn't give a dam about anyone but myself and getting home. True I was looking forward to all that free time especially as most of it was going to be spent playing Pokemon Red but also I was hoping to visit my Grandparents more.

I remember the days that followed next, I remember reading DC's 'Our Worlds at War' and not understanding what the f--- it was about, I remember the constant visits to my uncle whilst he was working just to bug him a little, I remember a few fond things.

But what I won't forget is running out of those school gates as fast as my legs could run, and dashing towards my mum's car, climbing into the front and seeing her cheerful face as she asked me 'Your on exam leave I take it?'.

The End

P.S. I would like to thank my friend Hannah for asking me the question 'what was your exam leave like?' and Emmy for helping me to cope with 6th Form when it got rough which is something you'll have to read about in my next story.