Edited version of Faerie with Adish now as Evin, a half human, half fairy mix and half brother of Trevet. He is a lord of Faerie and is a healer.

-note: thanks to nessy who had influenced Evin (Adish). she always said he's too much like Trevet and so under her strong influence and often headachesI am pleased to announce that Adish is now completely Evin.


Late at night a young girl tossed and turned in her sleep. Her wavy blond-brown hair streaming about her. In her sleep she began to cry, then after moments she woke up gasping for breath. She began to cry faster, tears pouring forth. She hugged her pillow to her chest.

In my dreams a voice had spoken to me. Beloved do not be afraid. Of all mortals we have chosen thee to aid us. Thou shall have one companion she is thy dearest friend. We did not forsake thee when thy entire world was dark. We never forgot thee, for thou endured much pain for us and then darkness surrounded thee and thou cried out to us, we did no t abandon thee. We were there; we were always there.

A young man with brown hair moved towards me. Upon his head was a rope of gold that suspended onto his forehead a white drop. His garb was black and then over his shoulders was a cloak of green. His eyes were the kind of green that made you think of a forest and maybe the green of a sea. In his eyes I saw the wisdom of centuries and I was afraid. He smiled at me and raised his hand in blessing. Do not fail me beloved. Yes I am of the Fair Folk, do not fear me. If thy mission succeeds you will be able to enter Faerie at thy death. Thy friend as well.

Images then filled my mind. My friend's face as she told me I was worthless, other people as well. Hours and hours spent weeping and hoping that somewhere somehow there was something better for me, that there was a path laid before and though I could not see it, it would prove that I wasn't worthless.

I accept. I spoke without thought; the words came from my mouth and echoed in the air. It was then I had woken up. The memory of my pain still fresh in my mind there was nothing to do but cry. For a while all my life had stopped and there was no point to anything I gave up hope. I lost all hope in the Fair Folk and yet I had renewed it for when all seemed at it's worst I turned to daydreams and there at least I was happy.

I stayed up for the rest of the night and into the morning as soon as the clock reached 8:00 am. I grabbed a phone and phoned my dearest friend Gwenhyvair, Gwen for short.

"Gwen, the Fairies really do exist. They talked to me in my dreams, they want us to go on a mission!"

"Could you at least wait till I'm fully awake?" she complained.

"Sorry, I'm just so excited. We have to leave soon, do you think you'll be able to get past your dad? I know he's a light sleeper. We're not leaving today though. We have to pack and I still have to find what the mission is about, make sure you bring food."

"Could you slow down a minute Ceri? Just because you had a dream doesn't mean your special. They talked to me in my dreams as well. They told me to come with you, and to protect ourselves from the darkness that surrounds us. I can't talk today though, I have to go to the cabin how boring. I'll be back at like six though."

"Who spoke to you? I had a man speak to me, he had brown hair and beautiful green eyes…"

"If you fall in love you're in for trouble. Fairies are wild and unpredictable, don't forget all the stories we've read. But anyways a woman spoke to me. She said she was the messenger for Yalitza the Queen of Water. She also said her queen's brother had sent a messenger for you."

"I'm totally not for him, he's never the kind I'd go for…" Thinking in the back of my mind, he's totally the guy I'd go for. It's love at first sight!

"Ugh my dad's waking up. Gotta go," Gwen whispered and hung up.

I spent the day inside reading books. Eventually after lunch I wanted desperately to go outside. So grabbing my dog Princess I headed outside to sit on the old blue van that my mom had driven until it was in a car crash and would cost quite a bit of money to fix. Helpingher up to the top I climbed up afterher and sat down, playing with her ears and enjoying the sun on my back and the wind on my face.

A voice drifted to me on the wind

Meet us where thy heart longs to roam.

Meet us where thy heart longs to sing.

Meet us where thy spirit is one.

Meet us where the portal is waiting.

Where is that place I wondered, taking Princess with me I went inside to tell my parents I was going to the park. For once my brother Bowen wouldn't beg to come along, he was at a friend's house until late this evening.Princess raced on ahead of me finally I looked about me, green grass as far as the eye could see, beautiful trees, life and gladness. I smiled to myself and continued down the path to the upper field. There the wind swirled about me. Suddenly in a patch shaded by trees I saw movement, the person from my dreams!

I raced over to him, however it wasn't quite him. Instead of his strange garb in my dreams he wore jeans and a T-shirt, no jewel or cloak. Princess remained frozen where she was, time had stopped save for me and Trevet.

"You came, good! I am Trevet, a Lord of Faerie, messenger to Nitesh, a King of Faerie. He needs your help for a mission. Will you and your friend be here four days hence when the clock strikes eleven? For he can't tell you here and now what it is there are ears and eyes that are listening and watching…" he dragged off and just stood silent as a statue. A change came over him he was dressed as a lord ought to be, his black garb, the green cloak.

"Ceridwen, beloved… I sense that the darkness comes. Thou must flee I will protect thee until thou art home. Do not return until thy friend is with thee, meet me here by the light of the moon three nights hence and let us sing together the song of the earth, mortals and the immortals."

His hands moved over me and after he left I fled away thePrincess racing at my heels, my hair prickled on the back of my neck, clouds covered the sun. The smell of fire clung in the once clean breeze. I ran until I was home after making sure Princess had made it inside I closed the door and locked it.

Inside the house I went up to my room to look out my window my clock read 5:00. I had an hour to wait for Gwen. It seemed like all time had frozen and the minutes took years to pass by. Finally supper was ready and after supper I sat on my bed listening to music with the window wide open to hear the approach of cars.



Up at the cabin I left my twin sisters to the trampoline, I wanted to be alone and think about what I had dreamed. I headed downstream towards the large flat rock that I had named the seeing stone. When I came to the place where a fallen tree blocked the path along the creek I climbed upwards towards land and came across two tree stumps. One had an evil menacing air to it while the other seemed kind. Don't ask me how that is, it just is. After leaving them behind I managed to sit down on the seeing stone and think. My dream had been different from those I normally have.

In my dream there was a woman, her hair flowing about her. She seemed to be like water ever changing, her hair was blond-green. She smiled at me saying. "I am Amadahy, I bring thee a message from my lady, Yalitza the Queen of Water. The world of Faerie is in danger thou must aid us. Thy dearest companion will further reveal the mission to thee, for her majesty's brother hath sent a messenger for her as well. If thy mission succeeds thou and thy friend art allowed to enter Faerie at thy deaths. If thou wilt not accept our worlds will fall apart.

"I know that thou hath longed for the other world, for mortal souls are greatly diminished without us, be not to blame for that."

I was staring into the distance, across the creek a movement caught my eye. A creature with piercing red eyes and two twisted black horns sprouting from its head stared at me. It started towards me, then howled in pain as it saw the creek. That's right, flowing water makes demons weaker! I was safe for now.

"Mortal you may have won this battle but the King of Dark is not so easily defeated. We will catch you, and how we will laugh when the land of dreams becomes the source of everyone's nightmares. You will not fulfil your prophecy nor will you return order to Faerie. Give up now!" with those words he disappeared.

In the water a tiny creature sprung up, emerging from the water was a young girl her hair a blond-green, her eyes bluer than the sea. For all that she did something out of the ordinary she was dressed like a normal girl in flashy clothes and jeans.

"Gwenhyvair, you're safe. Thank goodness! If you weren't by the creek all our hopes would have failed. He could have killed you. You don't realise, the High King said there was only three who could find her, something about ties to her. They need to work together… oh what an idiot I am I've said far too much," And she promptly clamped her hands over her mouth. Suddenly behind me in the forest a voice called out.

"Amadahy, Gwenhyvair!"

I turned round to see a young man with brown hair and forest green eyes. He dressed in jeans and a T-shirt but he seemed out of this world as though he didn't belong.

"Oh Trevet it's you!" cried Amadahy in relief, I thought you were a Dark messenger. Why are you here? I'm supposed to tell her things, I'm Yalitza's messenger!" she pouted prettily.

"I'm sorry Ama, I bring her really important news," he turned to face me, "Gwen keep watch over your friend her heart has been torn by many a sorrow, her will is weakening. Keep watch for the third, we know not who he is but he will find you," with those parting words he vanished into the trees.

"Is that who visited my friend, Ceri?" I asked.

"Yeah, he's done nothing but say how beautiful she is. It's getting on my nerves, he's probably in love with her," she sighed.

"I think she likes him back, it's hard to tell she told me she didn't but she had that voice like when she tells a lie. Why do you like him?" I questioned her.

"Half of the women of Faerie do, it doesn't matter anyways, he thinks of me as 'just a friend'. Besides a mortal would be better for him after knowing him since the dawn of time it's enough to make you scream."

"Oh!" I whispered, forgetting that they were immortal, it seemed so odd when she looked about my age.

After a moment's silence Amadahy offered to stay with me. "I'll stay with you Gwen, it'll be safer with me those weirdoes are still prowling around. If you want I'll show you where there is a snow pathway still! In the middle of spring imagine!"

"Thank you!" I accepted her company graciously, being shaken by my experience with the Dark messenger as well as being lonely.

She seemed different half in Faerie half in the normal world. She would go on about something and then immediately ask me how school was going. It was quite odd. But she was great company willing to explore as well as being very patient. Finally in the distance I heard my mother calling for me.

"Thank you for keeping me company. I really enjoyed it. Next time I come will you be here?"

"I'm not sure, I mean Faerie is all around you all you have to do is look. I'm sure you'll find something to do now that Faerie is open to your eyes. But if I'm nearby I'll say hi okay?"

"Okay, see you next time maybe."



My brother came back while I waited for Gwen to come back. Bowen came and sat upstairs with me yattering on and on about something. Finally I heard a car pull up and it was Gwen. Thank goodness! I raced over to her house Bowen tagging along.

Gwen's mother wouldn't let her have a sleepover because tomorrow is Sunday. So after playing with Bowen outside I went to her house to say goodbye.

"We have to leave in four days to meet them at night, On Wednesday night. I think the fairies might put a sleep spell on the others, might, so you should be able to get out."

"Fine with me, see you when I can."



Sunday came and passed everywhere I looked I saw Faerie twining around our world. Dryads in the trees, air sprites and Cloud beings smiling at me as they passed by. Ceri had homework to do as usual she always leaves it until Sunday. I sat inside and read then played on the computer, what I did when I was normally bored.

The day passed quickly and I stayed inside as much as I could. Fearing the monsters like what I had seen at the cabin. I simply knew that I did not want to see one close up. Finally it was suppertime Ceri still had not finished her homework, big surprise there. So I went to bed early and slept without dreams.



That night as I slept Trevet dressed as a Lord came to me in my dreams took me to a place he had made inside my dreams. A creek rushed by and trees stood to form a small glade. Ivy and honeysuckles decorated the trees. Suddenly I was dressed in white with a purple cloak floating down my back. My hair went into soft ringlets around my face. Together we danced and talked about many things.

"I wish you didn't have to go on the mission, but Nitesh and even the High King say that only you, Gwen and a third who we don't know can complete the mission."

"I think it's only fair that I get a mission before I can join you fey folk. I mean after all I've read plenty of books and the only way for a mortal to join Faerie at their death is to either be abducted by them, complete a mission for them or be half and half," I whispered.

"I almost wish I could abduct you. But somehow it wouldn't seem right."

"For certain!" I laughed, "I'd end up hurting you, you've never seen me when I think I'm threatened. Even when I'm just play fighting if I get scared I do tons of damage in the blink of an eye," I shook my head disappointed with myself.

"I still think it would be beautiful to see you like that your hair flowing in the wind, your face shining with strength and fear. Beautiful," he whispered.

"I can see where this is going, you're falling in love with me."

"I thought you'd love me too," He answered back.

"I do but… I belong with my own race, I've longed to find the other world for certain, and I've always wanted to fall in love. But this is too strange, I don't think I could bear it if suddenly you decided you didn't like me anymore. I've always been told no one could like me.

"One of us would have to cross the worlds. I've seen what leaving something behind does to a person, you long for it and dream of it but when the truth is told you know that what we'd have to do would be irreversible."

"We don't need to decide now, there will be plenty of time after, plenty," He said as if to reassure himself. Ah, but do we know that? I thought to myself. How do we know if there will be time to decide?

"I was warned not to fall in love with you but I did so anyways," He whispered, "I was offered the chance to let another take my message to you."

"The blame is not all yours. Gwen warned me as well, but foolishly I fell and now we'll have to live with the mistakes we made. But they might not be all bad…" I dragged off.

He took the hint and picked me up into his arms and rested his lips over mine. My knees went all wobbly, lucky for me he held me up. His lips tasted like sweet grass and honeysuckle. It was hard to breathe. Finally he stopped and I looked up into his green eyes. They shone with a light I'd never before seen.

He called up a log to sit down on. Still holding me he sat down and rested his chin on my head. I snuggled closer to him. In the distance I heard a blazing sound. My alarm! Trevet held on tighter to me but in the end reality won. As I woke up I heard in my head a voice whisper. Good morning my Beloved. May thy day be bright and cheerful. I will see thee when the time hath come.

I sat up in bed, getting dressed was a chore and a half. My mind kept going back to my dream. Somehow though I managed to get downstairs fully clothed and pack a lunch. I ate Cheerios for breakfast but when my mom came down to drive us to school my Cheerios were still unfinished.

On the bus ride I sat in the third seat from the front on the left-hand side. I gazed out my window remembering the feel of his lips on mine. When we arrived at school I stumbled off and went inside opened my locker and got my stuff ready for my classes. My friend Cass came up and sat beside me but I was too busy thinking to even respond when she said hello.

Finally a sharp pinch on my arm woke me up. "Yoo-hoo can't you say hello?" Cass spoke sharply.

"Sorry I'm just out of it today." I attempted to explain but even that sounded hollow in my ears



There was a new boy in my class Evin Hafey. It didn't really matter to me. Almost all the girls in the school even the grade eights' and nines' except for my friend Laura, I can't even imagine the sort of person she'd be attracted to.

I didn't actually get to see Evin until lunchtime and then only briefly. He had light brown hair and Blue-gold eyes. For a moment our eyes connected and in my mind I heard a voice call Gwenhyvair?

He started to turn towards me but girls surrounded him hiding me from his view. Shaking, I went to where my friends were eating lunch. My friend Jamie struck by love glared jealously.

"I think he likes you," she said finally.

"I don't think so but I'm sure I've met or seen him before but I can't remember where," Was all I could say.



I managed to stumble through classes quite reasonably and ate lunch in front of my locker pretending to read I didn't even feel like eating even though I knew I should because I had already missed breakfast. But by the time I had English, one of my best friends Bekah knew something was up.

"Ceri, what's the matter?" Bekah asked.

"Oh I'm just tired today. I'm fine really, I don't need everyone looking at me like I'm crazy either."

"What is up with you?" Henry asked, "You're not acting like the Ceri we know."

"What part of "Fine" don't you get?" I demanded, outraged. Suddenly the world span and splotches of white blurred my vision. I saw them move their lips but I didn't hear any sounds. I managed to blurt out "I feel like I'm gonna faint."

Trevet as a teen was in a glade all by himself, looking at a picture of me. "Ceri," he said without even looking back, just simply knowing I was there. "You can't keep going like this, you have to be normal now. In your dreams I'm there with you but I can't be there with you in the mortal time now. The Dark knows where you are and if I were with you they'd be drawn to my power and catch you. Quit thinking about me. You're not all right anymore. You got caught betwixt and between.

"Here eat this it should get you back to where you belong and you won't be half here half there anymore." He handed me a dandelion. I ate all of it grimacing at the taste. Suddenly I heard other people talking. He changed to become the Lord he was in Faerie. "Go now. Thou do not belong here. Fare thee well my Beloved."

I was on the ground, and it was hard. Chairs had been thrown further away from me. Henry, Bekah and the teacher looked down on me. Standing in a circle the rest of the class had come to watch. I felt embarrassed. "What happened?" I whispered. Bekah bent down to help me up.

"You fainted, you went all white and mumbled something like "I feel like I'm gonna faint" and then you fainted. Henry caught you when you fell. We moved the chairs out of your way because you were twitching."

The teacher ordered everyone back to his or her seat and got Bekah to take me to the office. Too tired to argue I just simply went along with her. Sitting in the office the secretary gave me some juice to drink. I sat on the bench and pondered my dream. It made sense of why I felt so odd, betwixt and between. After sitting in the office for the rest of the period I was sent to my next class, with strict orders not to overwork.

I simply sat there and listened to the teacher talk. I felt tired and worse then I had felt before. I noticed people looking at me and the people in my English class telling others what had happened. Finally the bell rang it was time to go home. I sat in the same seat on the bus and gazed out the window not really thinking of anything.



I was waiting as usual for my bus to appear Evin managed to walk close and sit next to me while I waited.

"Hi I'm Evin Hafey," he offered his hand and I shook it.

"I'm Gwenhyvair Clarke," I told him.

"Pleasure to meet you, how goes your quest?" he had moved closer and whispered the last bit into my ear.

"How? How do you know that?" I sputtered.

"I'm Trevet's Half Brother, you know Ceri's lover? Long story anyways I've come to keep you safe. I'm also supposed to bring you the message that Ceri has umm… fallen betwixt and between. Don't worry Trevet's taking care of it at this moment."

"I still don't trust you," I muttered being stubborn.

"Look it's in my name, Half-Fey. Anyways whether you trust me or not, I'm supposed to protect you until your mission comes."



When I got home I had a nap. My singing lessons had been cancelled today. I'd do my homework later. In my mind Gwen was talking to me. "Ceri, you're in love with a fairy, Of all things? Of course your fifteen so it would make sense if your interested in boys but a fairy, why not a human?"

"It's not like I'm gonna find a human boy that will understand me? I still seek the other world how many people will tell me I'm not crazy? Isn't love supposed to be knowing everything there is about one person and still loving them for it?" I asked.

"Well that bit makes sense," Gwen muttered.

"I love Trevet no matter what anyone says and he loves me. He understands me and I trust him."

"Oh yes and kissing a person after knowing them barely even a day is okay too?" Gwen demanded.

"If you love them it's fine. Oh leave me alone. I'm human and it's only natural for me to long to be loved. And if he loves me what matters?"

"If you were betwixt and between that's what matters. Every single Dark thing could sense you. You know why you fainted? Because one came for you, Trevet barely managed to save you. If he hadn't shielded you, you'd be dead by now! And anyways if you died you wouldn't go to Faerie and I wouldn't be able to either. We both have to solve the mission and we need the third as well." Gwen shouted.

"Oh well I'm sorry!" I cried out.

The dream ended and I woke up to two faces in my view. One was my brother Bowen, his blond-brown curls sticking out in complete disorder, the other was Gwen her straight blond-brown hair almost identical shades to Bowen's hair and mine. Her green-gold eyes stuck out as oddly as they were different from the blue-green of both of ours. Bowen had the greener as I had the bluer.

"You're up finally," Gwen cried.

"I'd've liked to sleep a bit more. Oh well!" I mumbled.

"You always want to sleep!" Bowen pointed out, "It's a beautiful day out, come play."