Note:- there will be a sequel onceI have time to start it and finish it.I hope you read it.



We all saw the axe descend upon her, I watched with wide eyes. I have to see it's the least I can do. As the axe hit the back of the metal table a ringing echo resounded. Evin began to cry she was really gone.

Trevet had wordlessly come up on my side and put his arms around me. I had been crying without realising it. Gwen and I had been friends for four years before we were sisters; we were closer than anything. Bowen was crying as well, Ama supported him. Rhiannon was crying her face furiously determined.

The Dark army did not move, something wasn't right. "We sent the sacrifice! Why won't you let us pass?"

In one voice they all shouted. "We never agreed to leave in return for the sacrifice!" This sent me to boiling rage. I summoned all the Light I could bear to hold. I whipped it at them it formed a shield to block them off. Gwen's sacrificial stand was in the middle as well.

"Go, Ria!" I called Rhiannon went down the path as fast as she could. Evin went to Gwen's body, her was still crying and began to cry all the harder. The Dark was attacking the shield I sent more fury into it from the sight of Gwen's body. As the Queen passed sections I lowered the shield.

Finally she was on the mountain I surrounded the rest of us around Gwen's body. We would not let them have it! Not while there is breath in my body.

Rhiannon lifted a torch; she breathed in pure mountain air, too pure for mortals to ever breathe. She threw the torch on the pile of wood and it blazed, the portal was forged! The Dark army scattered as Inara; Queen of Light my aunt trapped Siyamak on my mother's orders. He would be imprisoned for a century or two to let him calm down.

In a voice that hurt the ears of all around us the Divines spoke. Since the Dark did not obey the laws we set out for them it is only fair that the sacrifice be returned. It is their natures to attempt to overthrow the Light but that is no reason to disobey the laws we set out. Awaken Sacrifice!

Gwen sat up rubbing her eyes. "I dreamed I died," she murmured.

Evin was now crying tears of joy. "No, Sweet heart you really did die for the sacrifice but they didn't leave. The Divines resurrected you. I missed you so much."

"When I died I dreamed of you," Gwen whispered.

As they spoke, Rhiannon had come up with her court, surpassingly much bigger than our father had ever managed. "To you I present Princess Ceridwen, the eldest, Keeper of Light and Air, Prince Bowen, Keeper of Fire and Shape-Shifting and finally Princess Gwenhyvair, Keeper of Earth." The fairies clapped.

Crowns were placed on our heads and fairy glamour was used so we looked like we were in beautiful costumes. Mother drew us aside, "Will you stay and be our princesses and prince?" she asked.

"Mother, I must return to the mortal world, time passes there and I am needed. When I am eighteen in mortal years and can live on my own I will see. I will always visit when I have the chance to." I whispered.

"Same as her, mother, I have a mortal family that believes I am theirs. I can't leave them yet. I will always visit." Gwen whispered.

"I too must agree with them, mother. I am fairly busy but I will try to visit." He kissed her on the cheek.

Then we had our goodbyes to our Fairy-lovers. Ama broke up with Bowen and explained to him about her destiny that she had to fulfil. Bowen understood. Evin and Gwen kissed each other goodbye for now. Apparently he goes to her school, lucky them they'll see each other almost every day.

Trevet and I talked for a bit. "I'll visit you in your dreams every other night. You'll have to visit Faerie on the holidays too; we can dance together and listen to tales about adventures. Eat all the food you could ever want. I'll even spend the summer in the mortal world if I can." We kissed goodbye.

We went and said good bye to our father and mother one last time. A portal came, together all three of us stepped into it.

We all awoke in our beds, time had not passed. Our parents were still asleep we didn't need to think of a lie to explain why we were gone for a number of days. We all returned to sleep and together we entered Faerie and danced under the stars with our family and lovers and the place where we belonged.

We did not fear for the future or need to worry about the feeling inside that we knew meant that we had not found the place where we belonged yet.

Thus ends the First adventure of Faerie.