the formatting didn't come out...kind of ruins the poem. If you want to see it in its original form you can ask me to email it to you in your review...or you can send me an email. which ever works. Also if you think you have any insights into hidden meanings/ want clarification/ just want to chat you can email me too. I don't bite much.well...except in my reviews. I'm a bit blunt, but it's better thanjust echoing what fifteen people said...which doesn't do anyone any good.


The smell

seeps into my nostrils and

slithers under my


twisting its long

terra-cotta covered


around my shapeless


molding them into

a single form,

draped in billowing

reds and golds

spun from the hearth,

that dances bare foot

across my covetous eyes

Jingling ghungroos

wrapped around

glistening ankles

whisper their

chorus of temptations

into my ear

deafening it to all else.


enveloped in flowing flames,

forged anew as

one consummate entity,

ivory and


primal and


We dance in ways that would have made the


of the characters in the

Kama Sutra

glint with jealousy

But all this

is nothing but an

illusive dream,

brought about by the

infernal scent

that reddens my eyes and

chafes my throat.

If only I had been shaped by God,

or reincarnated by Brahma,

Into a different form

to freely express these

primordial passions that

enslave my thoughts

and remain intertwined

like the


of fire that

engulf us

But, every time I awaken

I realize that

I am allergic

to Curry.

ghungroos are ankle bells worn in traditional Indian dance.

Brahma - the Hindu god of Creation. I don'tknowif i'm refering to the correct god...i'm not Indian and i won't even pretend to be an Indian culture guru...and apparently some people who are Hindu gurus think that there are over 330 million gods....yeah i'm not reading about which one does which...if you're that interested go ahead and find out for me.

Kama Sutra - for the unworldly and people who think they are worldly but aren't - is an ancient Indian text. The most popular section of it (in the West)outlines the various sexual positions, however this is only about 1/5th of the original text. The rest reveals insights into forming good, long lasting, loving relationships and how to be a good citizen. Interpret the usage as you may in the poem. I will remain mum on the subject.