The tears, ever so slowly

Sliding down her pale cheeks

The words, ever so softly

Falling out of her torn lips

The secrets, carefully buried

Finally being released

Into the world in a flood

Of raw emotion

Deep enough into her soul

They dug until she broke

Her hidden family life

Finally brought to light

Daddy will only love you

If you're better than everyone else

Mommy will only protect you

If Daddy approves of what you do

Brother will only stop hitting you

If you're good enough to accept

Sister will only care about you

If you stop being yourself

There's something wrong there

She knows it, and now they do, too

And the tears keep falling

Making clean streaks of skin

Down her elegant face

Pulling dried blood away

To fall on the floor

In a puddle of red

The questions have ceased

Unnoticed by her mind

Broken, in every way possible

The world is dark to her now

Daddy didn't love her

Enough to notice her problems

Mommy didn't protect her

Enough to help her at all

Brother didn't stop hitting her

Until the bruises couldn't be hidden

Sister didn't care about her

Until she was already gone

She's gone now, that girl

Disappeared into the horizon

Off to find herself, and maybe

A place where she can fit in

Away from family, and friends

Broken promises and illusions of love

She's leaving her life behind her

To try again, and maybe get it right

The interrogators have left her

In a pool of her own blood

She couldn't take it anymore

And now she's gone

Finally gone