Mommy's Never Proud...

You know I love you, Mommy,

I just wish that once,

You'd act like you loved me.

Don't go see that man, Mommy.

He takes you away from me,

Almost every day.

He's breaking your heart, Mommy.

Don't let him;

Make him go away.

Why aren't you ever proud of me, Mommy?

Why do I have to work so hard,

To earn your respect?

After everything I do,

Auntie tells me she's proud.

Why won't you, Mommy?

What will it take,

To hear you say,

"I'm so proud," Mommy?

I wish so much that you cared,

What I did with my life.

But you don't, Mommy.

I wish you were like Auntie,

Always loving, always proud.

Why aren't you like Auntie, Mommy?

Why aren't you proud of me?

Answer me, please, Mommy.

Why do I work so hard for you?

I'm tired now, Mommy.

Tired of you not being there,

To appreciate me.

I wish Auntie was my Mommy.

I don't have to work for her love,

To ask her if she's proud.

Now you know how I feel, Mommy.

My only remaining question is:

Do you even care?