I thought I was normal. Everyone's uncle owns a gigantic castle, don't they? I thought that every girl had a room the size of a house. I had assumed that every girl's uncle captured thieves and murderers and tortured them in their dungeons…right? Yeah, well, apparently that's not so.

I didn't find out that I was very different until my fifteenth birthday, when my uncle wouldn't let me make friends with someone that he called a "peasant" from the village. It was disappointing…but I got over it. I did, after all, have three horses to keep me company in my backyard.

Here's the 411 on my family and I. I have parents, yes, but they live with my uncle as well. He's apparently a big deal in the country but to me he's just an uncle, like any other uncle. I don't have brothers or sisters. It's only me…that was pretty lonely when I was younger but now I'm 16 and it's not such a big deal.

My adventure begins when I accidentally wandered down the wrong corridor on my way to my uncle's chamber. As I walked, the lights on the walls grew dim and it started to get colder. I shivered and picked up a lantern from the wall. The carpet faded into cement and the only light remaining was my lantern, shining just enough to see my hand in front of my face. I heard the clink of chains and realized that I'd wandered into the dungeon.

"I-is someone there?" A voice mumbled from inside. I couldn't see the speaker. I was tempted to run but they sounded so helpless.

"Yeah," I replied quietly, "I'm here…where are you?" I stumbled through the dark with my arms swinging randomly in front of me. The lantern had long since run out and I had ditched it in a hallway somewhere.

"Do you have the keys?" His voice was hoarse as if he were thirsty.

"N-no but they must be around here somewhere." I uselessly turned around and squinted my eyes in an attempt to see something. Nothing. Just darkness. It must be really horrible to be stuck down here…

"Over there, to your right," came the husky voice, "there're keys on the walls. Can't you see them?" I twisted around and shrugged. He sighed and directed me by saying "forward a little" or "to the right" until my hands met a rusty key on a rusty chain.

I pulled it down from the rusty wall and struggled through the dark, listening to his voice to find my way to him. I stuck my hand out in front of me…

"OW!" he yelped. "THAT WAS MY EYE!" He shouted with a raspy voice.

"Sorry!" I apologized and felt my face turn red.

"W-whatever," he mumbled in an agitated tone, "Just- here are my wrists." I felt his hands, wrists shackled together, against my shoulder. He had stood up, I noticed, and I could barely make out his extremely pale skin but nothing else. I fumbled around the chains, not exactly sure why I was setting this person free.

He didn't sound like a bad person but you never know. You could be some big time criminal. He had to be down here for a reason.

"Thanks," he mumbled almost inaudibly. I nodded, even though he probably couldn't see me, and he led the way out of the dungeon. I followed, latching on to his shirt. When we reached the hallways with dim lights, I observed his appearance because I hadn't had the chance before because of the dark.

He had black hair that looked wet and was hanging in his golden eyes. He was tall, taller than my father who was considered to be a big guy. He was wearing bedraggled clothes: a ripped white shirt and black pants with holes in them. His skin was ghostly and looked extremely smooth.

His facial features proved him to be only a few years older than me, maybe 19. He was gorgeous but always wearing a scowl on his face. He didn't seem like he'd be a very pleasant person.

"How could you see your way out?" I inquired, shattering the silence. He looked back at me with his intense golden eyes and shrugged.

"I have good eyesight." I didn't buy it for a second.

"Why were you put down there?" I continued to question, suspicious of the stranger.

"I was captured."

"Why were you captured and…" He interrupted me.

"Stop questioning me." His voice held venom without an increase in volume. "Why did you free me if you are so suspicious?" Good question. I folded my arms and rolled my eyes.

"I'm not suspicious," I lied, "I'm curious and I have all the right to be. You at least owe me your story or you would've rotted down there." He tried to deny the truth.

"I would've found my way out, "He mumbled.

"Really," I grinned slyly, "How, pray tell, would you accomplish that when the keys were on the opposite side of the room?" He started to walk faster.

"Shut up," he grumbled. I smiled in victory over the argument.

We emerged from the dark halls into the main lobby. All I could think about is why I had set him free. My mind was screaming "he's a criminal!" but my body kept moving forward down the halls. It felt like some type of an enchantment or something. Maybe he was a mage! In the hallway on the way to my room we ran into my uncle. The stranger started to run but my uncle stopped him by pulling out a sword and holding it to his throat.

"What are you doing here, Blaze? I was sure that I had you thrown into the dungeons with my strongest chains to hold you down for a while." He pressed the sword ominously harder to his skin. Both Blaze and I gasped.

"I let him out!" I blurted, amazed that I could find the words. My uncle looked to me as if he hadn't even seen me standing there before then.

"Sela…" He looked confused. "Why?" He almost looked hurt. I shrugged, looking down shamefully. My uncle shot Blaze a death ray glare. "You hypnotized her, didn't you? With…with those wretched eyes of yours."

He looked in disgust at Blaze and I couldn't help but wander, once again, what he'd done to deserve the strongest chains in the darkest part of the dungeon. Blaze wouldn't reply but his eyes let his secret loose. A sudden anger boiled inside of me.

"You hypnotized me so I'd let you go?" I shouted at him, "How low is that!?!" I shoved his shoulder and crossed my arms, not liking being fooled. He rolled his eyes.

"I had to…I don't have to explain anything to you rich fools." He would've spat in Uncle's face if he didn't have the point of a sword at his throat. His words stung, no matter how much I already detested this idiot.

"Throw him back in the dungeon," My uncle ordered a guard that had been standing like a statue behind him. I glared at Blaze as he was taken away, wandering to myself why he wasn't fighting back if he was supposed to be so powerful. He just shuffled reluctantly alongside the burly guard.

I noticed that he wasn't muscular or anything…so maybe he was a different kind of strong. I didn't know which and I didn't want to think about it.

Later that night I couldn't help myself. It was bugging me. I wanted to know more about this Blaze guy. Where did he come from and why he was even here. I knew that he'd probably hypnotized me again but I couldn't resist wandering down the dark corridors into the deepest part of the dungeon where I'd found him last time. I was smart and brought a new lantern this time.


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