What lengths of power does the human race hold?

Is there no land, no planet

That can elude its questing grasp?

Is there no creature, no kind

That can shield itself from its piercing gaze?

The human race

Has wrought with its quick hands and wit

Power that surpasses any divine maker.

For what immortals can wreak upon the world

Humans can wreak worse.

They can poison a land with the merest breath;

Crush a land with the merest touch;

Destroy beauty with the merest thought.


The human race owns something

Far greater than dark power:


When a child first looks upon


Perhaps a newborn kitten

Or a blossoming flower-

Their hearts are not filled with dark thoughts

But with an awe of their world.

Even in adulthood

A deep, rooted desire

To love this planet

Can be stoked by divine beauty;

It is only greed that corrupts the mind.

With compassion, a human can




For compassion is a gift,

A wonderful, blessed gift

That I treasure far more than the power at my hands.