Let the fire rain down,

Down on your head.

This blessing ,

This curse.

For none but those who have touched,

Only they understand.

Only they can see why you burn,

Can see your joy in burning.

For this is your second rebirth,

Rebirth by flame.

Its predecessor's touch,

It still is strong.

The feel of the waters,

This you can still feel.

It was your first rebirth,

Your first death.

"You" were killed that day,

murdered by your choice.

To free you from this world,

And yet the world still tempts you.

As the waters covered you,

Your flesh died.

Crystal is your grave,

Its beauty insurmountable.

As you rose from the waters,

Rose from your grave of glass

You were reborn.

No longer are you the being that you once were.

The beauty of that day still lingers with you.

Forever and always

Thus your flesh died,

And your soul was reborn.

It is this one part that must die,

Must be reborn.

It is here where the fire comes into play.

Control must be given through flame.

As hands are laid upon you,

As mouths open,

Singing in strange tongues.

The fire rains down.

It is your weapon that must die to you.

It must be given up and in being given up made stronger.

As the flames fall,

You begin to burn!

Slowly you forget,

Forget to care about your surroundings.

Your tongue loosens and you begin to speak.

To speak in a tongue unknown to you.

You speak without faltering,

This is what you have waited for,

Now you and "Him" can confer.

Forever you will have this tongue, forever.

You are born to a new tongue,

Be blessed of Fire and Water

Cursed for your uniqueness

Your prize you shall see in eternity!