Keys of my Mind

By: Sarcastic Rogue

Ch.1. Thinking of You

She sat before the piano, her fingers tenderly gliding over the ivory and onyx keys. Gently, oh, so gently, she brushed against their smooth surface, so that no ringing tone was ever heard. The only echo that was produced was that of the humming breath of the only living being in the room, and the teasing whisper of the wind, urging her to make her move. Lightly, almost hesitant, she pressed on the closest ivory key, sending a tremor through her body, and a child-like ring throughout the room. As it ricocheted off the walls, and returned to it's home within the large instrument, she pressed the key again; this time, much firmer, much harder, and much faster. The sound that erupted was one that exploded from the tiny button, and rammed it's way around the room, before slamming itself back into the piano, leaving a ringing after-thought in the girl's reeling brain.

Sighing lightly, the girl picked herself up, and grabbed a long, thin, silvery cane and walked, tapping her cane every once in a while in front of her. From the large glimmering room, the lights glinting teasing reflections from her dark shades, fully obscuring her eyes.

Perhaps this was a dream. Perhaps this was a nightmare.

Perhaps, this was her reality.

Dreams left unfulfilled, a longings never sated, and the pity that others mindlessly smother her with.

'Do I have a savior?'

'How can I go on living…?'

'I want you. I want you. I want you.'

'Somebody…I need you.'

A/N: Alright, a little wierd sounding, but this section is REALLY important to the plot ahead. I also promise the chapters are gonna be MUCH longer now, any critics out there? If there are, gimmie some feed back!