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Familiar Bonding…

The woman perched on the piano bench, pressed her lips together in meditation.

This was getting ridiculous.

Some random asshole was skittering around behind her, obviously not staying in the same place, requesting a song from her, Rachel was being generous. Free labor was not a virtue she practiced very often.

Rachel didn't even try to hide her annoyance, "Who are you?!"

The stranger lightly stomped on the ground, alerting Rachel of his location. How he had managed to get right behind her without her knowing was something the pianist would be pondering for some time to come.

"Why aren't you playing?" the stranger intoned.

Rachel fidgeted uncomfortably in her seat, before muttering, "You didn't tell me what to play!"

To Rachel's further embarrassment, the stranger laughed. To the young woman, the man's laughter didn't upset her as much as it should have. He had a nice laugh, sort of like a bark, only a weird wheezy sound would come out at the end. Rachel guessed it was from his raspy, breathy voice.

Rachel thought it gave him character.

Mentally slapping herself, she tuned back to reality. The man was saying something,

"-Your own music. I want to hear that. I want to hear what you have to say, only through your music. Not your interpretation of Frank Sinatra or Mozart."

Damn this stranger man. Damn him to hell!

Was he mocking her?! Did some man with an inexcusably croaky voice dare scorn a girl that couldn't compose?

Rachel swiftly decided that she would teach this bastard a lesson! (possibly two, if she was lucky!)

The woman had long ago concluded that she couldn't purge the world of idiots, but she could always whack around the idiots that she came across.

This…speciman appeared to be quite an idiot, indeed.

Grinding her teeth, Rachel jerkily rose to her feet, nearly kicking over her piano bench, and proceeded to stomp in her general direction of this husky voiced man.

"Now you listen to me!" Rachel jabbed her cane in the vecinity of the man, "How dare you gode me?!" The silvery cane whizzed past the man's ear. "Do you…you…antagonize every bloody person you meet, or just the impaired?" The husky-voiced man didn't seem to be in the slightest bit phased by Rachel's erratic behavior, which caused Rachel to let loose a feral growl. The man's expensive shoe made a delicate crunching sound as the cane smashed down upon it.

For a second, Rachel stopped her tirade, perspiring, and cheeks rosy, curly hair springing from her knit hair band.

At last, after what seemed like eons, the husky-voiced man finally muttered, "I think you broke my toe. It hurts like a bitch." Rachel was only too happy to smash her cane further into the man's foot. "Sadist" he ground out. "Right back at 'cha. Descriminator!" Rachel spat.

For a moment the raspy-voiced man recoiled, is if the cane lodged in his foot was burning white-hot. His voice crackled sharply as he hissed, "Never, ever speak that way to those you know nothing of!" Sighing softly, Rachel couldn't help but shiver as his hot breath ghosted over her face, and scribbled over her exposed jaw.

And something clicked.

"You!" Rachel gasped, (effectively giving her the upper hand, and changing the subject)

"You're the rapist at the café!"

The man stopped mid-sentence. "You seemed so serene when you were drinking from that huge mug. I didn't know you were bi-polar" he murmured.

Rachel bristled. "Well, I had no idea you were a delusional rapist!"

Rachel supposed the man had finally given up, but judging by the firm grip he had on her forarms, the man might have been preparing to attack.

Rachel didn't have to feel his body to know of the wiry muscles coiled in his slightly bulky frame.

The woman fiercely cursed her 5'2 frame.

Suddenly, she remembered something. It wasn't much, but it might be enough to throw the phsyco off for atleast a moment.

"Well," Rachel began cooly, "Isaac-"

"Don't even start the name thing, Rachel" Isaac countered smoothly.

"How the hell do you know my name?!" Rachel trumpeted harshly.

"The same way you know mine."

"Stalker!" Rachel jabbed a manicured finger at Isaac, the tip of her finger swiping across a material she immediately recognized to be swilk: a unique mixture of wool and silk.

It was wrinkle-free.

Unconciously, she wrapped her fist around the downy material, and continued to jabber at Isaac.

"Well, my point of all this is that you were very rude in the beginning! I mean, honestly, the things you insinuated!

"What, pray tell, did I insinuate? Or, perhaps, is it true that you cannot compose your own song?"

Rachel balked.

Isaac relesed her arms and began circling her.

"So let's see now, Rachel… you're walking on thin ice. You've assulted me at a coffee shop-no-no, don't even deny it- I still have a shiner on my forehead to prove it! I even have several bruises on my ankles from whe you whacked my with your cane. I currently adopted a fractured toe, and from the looks of it, a gaping hole in my imported wool-come-silk shirt. Shall I hand you the bills? Or, perhaps, hand you to the police?"

Rachel could have smacked herself.

This man obviously had connections. No typical male pranced around in silk and cashmere, with the body only a personal trainer could cultivate.

Friggin' excellent.

Rachel only had about a gazillion more payments on her apartment to scratch off, and the fact that she didn't even have enough money for a car was practically a neon sign over her head that blasted "BROKE! LIVING PAYCHECK BY PAYCHECK!" Then, there were cane replacments, food, and other necesseties.

How the hell could she pay for medical bills and stupidly pricy tops?!

Besides, having a criminal record probably looked a bit skechy on the resume.

Taking a stiff step away from Isaac, Rachel choked out, "Any other options?"

Isaac's smile widened; his canines peeking over his mocha lip.

"All things considered, you're more than likely a struggling artist, aren't you?"

Rachel nodded.

Isaac found it rather cute that she was nodding her head, but not facing directly at him. Her sandy colored curls were flopping over her brow.

Perhaps she had some better use than mindlessly stabbing at piano keys.

"Well, Rachey, I suppose you could always be my personal performer…"

Maybe she could mindlessly stab at piano keys for him!

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