7 Years Later

"I can't do this!"

"Breathe, Ra!"

"No, like, I seriously can't do this."

"Hun, if you don't breathe you're going to pass out."

She sighed, and looked at me through the mirror. Her make-up was flawless, her hair was beautiful, and her dress was gorgeous. And if possible, Raquel Samuel's had become even more gorgeous then she'd been in high school.

"Do you think I'm ready?" she asked quietly.

"Well, Hun, it's about time that you got married," I said, grinning as I looked at my own reflection. I was in a light blue strapless dress, which was too revealing for me but Ra had insisted, and even my make-up was flawless, which trust me, was not an everyday thing for me as it was for Ra. "Sammy's already six! Almost seven!"

She sighed. "I know, we've just been so busy."
I shrugged. "Sammy never cared that you guys weren't married. The only reason she wanted this wedding to happen was because she knew she'd get a lot of cake."

Ra grinned, but it dissapeared from her face moments later. "Oh my God. I'm so not ready."

I put my hands on her shoulders in an attempt to calm her down, but it didn't work particularly well because she just shoved me off, got up, and started pacing.

"I'm turning into you," she muttered.

"Hey! I don't pace all that much!"

She sent me a look that said 'yes you do' before glancing up at the ceiling in the backroom of the church.

"God forgive me and all since I'm in a church, but fuck! Fuck fuck fuck."

I sighed. "Why're you even nervous? You've been in love with Brandon for what, seven years?"
She nodded as she sat back down in the white plastic chair, glancing once more at her reflection before turning to look at me.


"Then why're you nervous?"

"I'm nervous because you're supposed to be nervous on your wedding day. It's, like, an unwritten rule or something."

I rolled my eyes. "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Since when do you follow the rules?"

She smiled at this.

"Raquel, it's time to go," Ra's mom said, poking her head inside the room. "You look beautiful Libby, by the way."

I blushed. "Thank you, Mrs. Samuel's."

Raquel stood up, muttered a string of curses, and then exited the room. I followed her into the empty church, but while she went into another room, I went to the front of the church where the other bride's maid was waiting. It was Raquel's best friend from college, whom I secretly hated, Lorraine.

"Lorraine!" I exclaimed, feigning excitement.

"Elizabeth!" It was clear that she was doing the same. Oh, and yes, she called me by my real name. It was part of the reason why I hated her so much. I had clearly instructed her to call me Libby when we had met, but she had ignored me.

Well, anyways, we kissed each other on the cheek and then stepped back.

"You look beautiful," I said.

"Oh, same to you," she replied sweetly. And yeah, she did look beautiful.

"So, do you work?" I asked politely.

"Oh, yeah. I'm a nurse. Well, in training at least. What about you?"

"Me? Right…Well, I'm going to medical school."

"That's cool."

"But right now I work in a little café." She raised an eyebrow.

"Can you afford to pay the bills?" Bitch. Stupid dumb shit nurse whore.

"Umm…Well, Dylan certainly helps," I explained.

"Dylan? Oh! Yeah! Dylan!" she exclaimed. "Are you two dating?"

"Oh! No…No. We just live together," I said hurriedly.

She raised an eyebrow. "Friends with benefits?"

I rolled my eyes. "We used to date. We broke up about six months ago."

"How old is he?" she asked curiously.

"Twenty-five," I replied instantly, looking around the church. I swallowed as I saw Skyler start to walk down the aisle. I'm such an idiot. Of course he's gonna be the best man! He and Brandon are STILL best friends….

I hadn't seen him in…two years maybe. And as usual, he looked breathtakingly gorgeous.

"Ooh…who's that?" Lorraine inquired, pointing towards him. He finally looked up and saw me. He froze and then looked away. Then he shook his head and continued walking until he was standing opposite from Lorraine and me.

"Skyler," I said softly.

"Ex?" she asked, a hint of jealousy in her voice. I smirked slightly at that. Lorraine was jealous. Of me.

Well, I lost my virginity to him…

"You could say that," I said softly.

After the incident with Dylan and Skyler on the last day of my sophomore year, I had actually started dating, only to discover that I liked them both. Skyler and I had stopped talking for all of junior year, and it was kind of horrible because Ra and Brandon often asked the two of us to hang out with them. Then during senior year we kinda had this relationship. First, we started talking again and then we slowly became friends. And then it kinda led to a relationship. Well, a secret relationship. We didn't tell anyone. So we secretly dated for about three months and then we called the whole thing off because it was breaking my heart not to tell Ra. We continued to stay friends for the rest of the year and then the night of graduation came…I was incredibly drunk as was he. And one thing led to the next and we kinda ended up having sex. The worst two weeks of my life followed after that. Skyler and I completely stopped talking and everything went downhill from there.

Then I went to college. The same college that Dylan was at, actually. He was a junior, and we'd only seen each other occasionally when my brother's had invited him over to our house during breaks. We ended up hanging out and then one thing led to another and we were dating. Except that I insisted we tell my brother's because I was not keeping the relationship a secret like I had with Skyler. (Taylor got really pissed actually and ended up coming over to our apartment and beating the shit out of Dylan, but then he ended up being okay with it later on…) We broke up the next year, but since we had gotten an apartment together near the college campus and I didn't want to move back into the dorms, we agreed to continue living together. And so here we were. Friends. Without benefits.

Finally, everyone piled into the church and I spotted my brothers and parents. Taylor gave me a small wave and I nodded in return, grinning at all of them. My relationship with my parents wasn't the greatest still, especially since after sophomore year I decided to give up soccer. That really pissed them off. My dad said that there was no way I'd get into college without soccer, but my grades were pretty good, so I ended up going to a fine college. Without soccer. That pissed him off further since he hated to be wrong. Oh, and now I was going to medical school. Hah. I was pretty damn successful (well, at least I thought I was) and it irritated him beyond belief.

I watched Brandon standing there, looking incredibly nervous. He winked at me and I grinned back.

'You look great' I mouthed.

'I know' he mouthed in reply.

I wiped my grin off of my face when I noticed Skyler staring at me. I shived slightly and then looked towards the back of the church when the music began to play.

"She looks beautiful," Lorraine whispered, and I could tell that Brandon had had pretty much the same reaction. And, of course, Sammy looked gorgeous too as she skipped behind her mom and grandfather, throwing flowers all over the place. I grinned at her. She had grown up so much.


Let's just say Brandon and Ra's kiss lasted longer then it probably should have.

"Hey, Lib, what's up?"

I was so startled I spit out some soda and there was some deep laughter.

I looked up to find Dylan looking down at me, amused.

"Hey!" I greeted him, throwing my arms around his neck. My soda sloshed violently around in the cup, and afraid it would spill all over Dylan's tux, I pulled away. "I haven't seen you in a week!"
He grinned. "You left your bra on the kitchen table."

I blushed. "Sorry about that…I was kinda in a rush. My flight was in like fifteen minutes and I wasn't even packed!"

"So you left your bra on the table?" he asked, an eyebrow raised.

"Well, you see, I couldn't decide whether or not I should bring that bra, so I put it on the kitchen table and stared at it for like fifteen minutes to decided wheter or not I wanted to bring it."

He rolled his eyes. "Oh! I tried cooking."

I gaped at him. "You didn't."

He nodded. "I did. And the smoke alarm went off 'cause I had to piss and I came back and my eggs were totally burnt."

I smacked a hand to my forehead. "You idiot! You don't leave eggs cooking while you take a piss! You could've burned down the entire apartment building!"

He shrugged. "I had to piss really bad."

I sighed. "So how was the job interview?"

He looked confused for a moment, but then his face broke out into a grin. "I got it!"

"The job?"


I squealed and threw my arms around him again, this time, though, soda did get on his tux.

"Sorry…" I muttered, dabbing at his now wet shoulders with my napkin.

He rolled his eyes and pushed my hand away. "It's fine."

"Hey." Shit.

I turned around to see Skyler standing behind me.

"Hi," I greeted him quietly.

"Dylan," he reached out. The two shook hands and it was so formal and awkward that I winced. Thankfully neither of them noticed because they were too busy just staring at each other.

Skyler moved over a little bit so that we were standing in a little triangle and suddenly he leaned over and kissed my cheek.

"You look…beautiful," he said hesitantly, glancing over at Dylan as if worried that Dylan would pounce on him.

"Dude, you know, we're not dating anymore," Dylan said. "So…umm…you two can…"

I smacked a hand to my forehead and they both looked towards me in shock.

"I just remembered that I have to go…give Ra something!" As I was passing by Dylan I muttered, "Please keep from beating him up. It's my best friend's wedding."

I bit my lip nervously as I weaved in and out of dancing couples on the dance floor. I saw Ra and Brandon dancing about fifteen feet away and I hurried towards them, my heels scraping loudly against the dance floor. Thank God.

When I reached them I coughed rather rudely. "I'm sorry if you're having a romantic moment and all but you have the next eighty years for that."

They pulled away, shocked and Brandon glanced at me. "Lib, you okay?"

"No!" I exclaimed. "I need to dance with Ra! Can you go over there," I pointed towards Skyler and Dylan, "and make sure that my roommate, whom I have a purely platonic relationship with, does not randomly start attacking your best friend?" He looked towards the two boys who didn't look particularly happy. "Please?" I added.

He sighed. "Fine." I watched him weave in and out of various couples, stopping every now and then to talk to a relative or friend, but he finally reached the two.

"Thank God," I said, sighing.

Ra looked over towards the two. "Wanna sit?" she asked, pointing over towards her table.

I nodded and let her grab my hand, leading me towards it.

Once we were sitting I ran both hands through my hair. "I can't do this!"

"Do what?"

"Is it that obvious that I still like Dylan?" I asked, biting my lip.

"Yes," she answered, taking a loud sip of champagne from the glass at her seat. "'Bout time you admitted it."

"Do you think he knows?"

"All I know is that Dylan still likes you." I hope so.

"But what about Skyler?" I demanded. "He's standing right over there."

"Honestly, I don't think that Skyler still has feelings for you," she said. "I mean, he brought a girlfriend…And boy is she gorgeous."

She pointed towards a young woman sitting a few tables away. She was laughing at something an older woman had just said. The girl had shoulder length dirty blonde hair, and a beautiful lavendar dress on.

I sighed. "Do you think they still hate each other?" I asked, motioning towards Dylan and Skyler.

She shook her head. "They've grown up and Dylan's matured a lot. So maybe he secretly hates Skyler, but he knows that you'd kill him if he tried anything. Like, for instance, punching him."

"He looks about ready to punch Skyler," I observed.

"And that's why my husband," she giggled insanely here, "I'm never going to get used to that…But anyway, that's why my husband is there. My buff, good-looking, tall, kind, sympathetic-"

"Alright, I get it. I know Brandon."

She nodded. "So go over there and ask Dylan to dance." She pointed to him and I nearly died when he smiled. Oh dear God.

"Not in front of Skyler!" I hissed.

"Well, it'll be like a way to see if he's over you. If he looks like he wants to rip Dylan's head off then you probably know that he's not. And I'm sorry, but that girl he brought is way more gorgeous then you'll ever be."

I rolled my eyes, knowing perfectly well that it was true. "Thanks, Ra."


"And probably better in bed," she added.

I smacked her on the upper arm and sighed contentedly when Skyler shook Dylan's hand once again and then started to walk away.

"The beautiful bride!" someone exclaimed from behind me as I stood up. I grinned as Ryan stepped around me and then hugged Ra and lifted her into the air. "You look gorgeous, darling." He said, putting her down.

"Hands off my wife, Daniel's," Brandon said, grinning. "Oh God, I'm never gonna get used to that. Wife. Huh…" Yeah, they were so meant for each other.

"Aunt Libby! Uncle Ryan!" I knew who it was immediately and I looked down to find Sammy, Brandon and Ra's six year old daughter, clinging to my leg.

"Hey Sammy!" I greeted her, kneeling down to hug her.

"You won't have to kneel down for long," Ryan muttered. I smacked his leg and he whimpered.

"Hey," I said, standing up, "I grew an inch since high school!"

"What're you, five one?" he said, grinning as Ra and Brandon shook their heads and walked off onto the dance floor again, waving to us.

"Precisely," I said proudly, as Ryan crouched down to lift Sammy up.

"So how's Vanessa?" I asked.

"Oh, she's great," he said. "You and Dylan should come and visit us sometime." At this part he grinned. "So what exactly is going on between the two of you?"

"Yeah, I wanna know too," Taylor said, coming up behind me. He gave me a peck on the cheek and then took Sammy from Ryan's arms.

Well, I can tell you what I WISH was going on. "Nothing. We simply live together."

"Good 'cause I can tell you that if you were dating again I'd go back to worrying every single day."

Ryan chuckled. "No, seriously. He would call me every day and complain that Dylan was probably raping you or something."
"I only did that once!" Dylan exclaimed, joining the conversation.

"Rape?" Sammy asked, confused.

"Nothing!" Taylor said hurriedly, and then muttered, "Your mom's gonna kill me…"

I rolled my eyes. "So, Dylan, you wanna dance?" Holy crap. Where'd that come from?

Taylor and Ryan raised an eyebrow simaltaneously and I had to laugh at that.

"They are truly twins," Dylan said, grinning. "And yes, I would love to dance with you, Elizabeth."

I rolled my eyes for about the hundreth time that day. "You sound like Lorraine."

"Except that I'm not such an ass hole. I hate her," Dylan said.

"Ugh. So do I," I admitted.

"Fine, we admit that we have 'twinly' ways but you guys have to admit that you're totally meant for each other," Ryan said, muttering an 'oww' after Taylor elbowed him.

"Keep your hands where I can see them," he said to Dylan as Dylan grabbed my hand and led me towards the dance floor.

"You can see them if I put them on her ass, right?" he called.

Taylor looked about ready to kill Dylan at the moment. Some things really never did change…

After about five minutes of dancing I bit my lip but then I finally spoke. "Listen…I…"

Dylan raised an eyebrow. "You okay, Lib?"

"I like you," I blurted out. "I never really got over you."

He didn't look shocked, he just twirled me around.

"Well, aren't you going to say anything?"


"You don't like me, do you?" I asked, dissapointed.

"Nope. I love you."

Dylan and I ended up getting married five months later and although I had told Ra I wouldn't be, I ended up being so nervous that I nearly pissed myself. But anyways, how did everyone else turn out?

Taylor and Elodie married the year after Brandon and Ra got married. They had three kids together who all ended up being over 5'10. (I was so jealous) Even the girl. And yeah, she was blessed with two over-protective older brothers. I always thought that was hysterical. And if the over-protective brothers weren't enough, she also had Taylor, the over-protective dad. Hah.

Of course Brandon and Ra lasted forever. Sammy grew up to be gorgeous. No shocker there. Her parents were both gorgeous.

Hmm…Who else? Skyler got married. No, not to me. To the sweetest girl I had ever met. She wasn't drop-dead gorgeous, but she was pretty and they totally deserved each other.

Dylan and I ended up having two beautiful boys and I also ended up adopting a baby girl before I gave birth to my boys because I discovered my love for children after babysitting for Sammy while Ra and Brandon went on their honeymoon. (Which was way longer then it was supposed to be because their cruise ship stopped working in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and so another cruise ship had to come and rescue them. They got a lot of free stuff from the cruise company as a result, though.) Her name was Kylie and Dylan and I loved her to death.

So, if you asked me I would say that my life turned out perfectly. After all, who wouldn't be happy marrying a guy like Dylan? He was amazing. And Skyler and I? We ended up going to medical school together and becoming best friends. So all relationships with the men in my life turned out perfectly. I couldn't have been happier.

Authors Note: Okay, so don't hit me. This was, like, the worst ending ever. But I felt that I needed to post it before I got murdered by angry fictionpress-readers. So anyways, I hope you guys mildly enjoyed it at least and I know it was a little rushed, but I just seriously wanted to get it out there. So thanks for all the reviews! I really appreciated all the feedback people gave me throughout this story! Have a great day, guys. Oh, and check out my new stories! I want some more feedback. :)