Death Becomes Life



A cricket, an orchestra, a siren,

the chirping of birds, the horn of a car,

a piano, breaking glass, a groan of agony.

A strange whirlwind of sound.

Everything all at once.


Then there's nothing.

Nothing remembered,

nothing known, except that

nothing exists.

No pain, no pleasure,

No future, no past.


Then there's pain.

Soft at first, then sharp,

stinging, burning, stabbing.

The sensation of flesh leaving bone,

drawing and quartering, decapitation.

All the pain in the world focused on my body.


Then there's confusion.

Where am I?

Why can't I move?

Am I dead?

Who am I?

Who am I?


Then there's memory.

Swirling softly around,

suddenly focused.

There's mother's eyes and the smell of the kitchen at Christmas.

There's the time brother broke his leg.

It fades in and out.


Then there's pressure.

So intense, but not really painful,

as if the entire weight of the world

rested on my body.

No breath, no precious air of life,

for my lungs are too compressed to draw in air.


Sound again.

This time, it's one constant sound,

metal and soil.

A shovel digging.

It's coming closer, arousing my awareness,

almost waking me now.


The pressure is less now.

The noise continues, digging, the thump of soil piling on the ground.

It is lifting now,

everything is.

Life is returning.

The darkness is clearing and the pressure is gone.


Another noise now,

soft and sweet like the autumn wind.

It's familiar.

The curtain of death is parting,

allowing a second peek at the world.

It's all familiar.


The haze is lifting now.

The unknown noise becomes sharp and recognizable.

"Wake, my love."

One eyelid opens, then the other,

as the curtain is flung open.

The wind caresses the features of my face within my tomb.


The voice sounds again now.

"Drink, my love."

My mouth opens, obeying the command without question.

A cool, sticky liquid flows down,

my rose-red lips part,

and the blood is lapped up by my soft pink tongue.


Then there's energy.

It's flowing, humming gently

until it reaches a dizzying crescendo.

There's too much light in the pitch black sky

and suddenly the fuzzy blackness returns.

It is time to rise, and so my body does.


Then there's awareness.

My brain grips hold of its new power.

A million heartbeats thump in my ears.

My hand raises to my chest and presses to it,

but the familiar thump of my heart is not felt there.

Dead but alive.


Bloodlust wracks my body.

Each heartbeat now registers with a distance.

The closest one belongs to a rabbit a few feet away.

My body lunges and cold hands grasp the creature.

My fangs appear and pierce the skin of the rabbit.

The warm blood is satisfying.


My eyes cast a glance at the moon up above.

It is full, surrounded by stars that have been there for an eternity,

just like my body will be,

dead but alive.

It will last all the ages.

The power seems insurmountable.


He is there, then.

Arms circle around my body and pull it close.

My body turns, welcoming the embrace,

and cold lips descend upon mine.

This was all we ever wanted,

to be together forever.


And we shall be.

Forever is the life of a vampire,

a life created from death.

The man slips a cheap plastic ring

on my left ring finger

and we walk away together, into the night.