Tenth Cigarette

There can be several reasons why Ash isn't in school today. I choose to go with the worst; Robert fucked him and he can't walk. This scenario also gives me something to occupy myself with during the day. I can ignore Robert, or I can beat the crap out of him. The second option sounds much more appealing, so I go with it.

Robert is standing outside of the school cafeteria, smoking as he squints up at the clouds and slowly blows out the smoke.

"Robert," I say, voice serious. My foot slides partially off my flip-flop and gets sand stuck under it's clammy complexion.

"Yeah?" He smiles, offering me the remains of his cigarette which I promptly ignore and sit down on the ledge beside the cafeteria.

"Where's Ash?" I narrow my eyes, mostly because I'm getting the sun in my eyes, but that's beside the point; I have to look cool and cold and uncaring.

HAHA! I got him! Now what is his answer to that eh? Of course he can't answer! He can't lie to the Allknowing And Allknowledgable And All Everything Matte(tm)!

"Huh?" He shrugs and strains his lower lip. "At the dentist, he didn't tell you?"

LIAR! I shall banish you from the surface of the Earth! "No he didn't." Yes, yes, notice my evil aura of darkness. I will eat you within 40 seconds if you do not confess your sins.

"Anyway, you should talk to him. He has some things to tell you."

It's hot, it's hot, it's burning! I'm close. My foot slips off my teddy bear adorned flip-flop again and I burn it against the asphalt. "What things," I whine with a pained expression.

"You're so dense, you know that?" He snuffs out his cigarette under his sneaker.


"What did you two do in the elevator yesterday?"


"Exactly. I made it stop so he could talk...YOU FUCKED?!" Robert flails with his arms and pulls at his black dyed locks, which sadly grow faster than he dyes it and expose his brown hair roots.

I laugh at him; he looks like a clown, but then he always does. My face drops as Robert's words dawn upon me. I know I have to run, but I don't know why, so I wave goodbye to Robert and start running to the dentist. The dentist might kill Ash! The dentist might inject him with Ultra Super Duper Mega Bum Bum(tm) shots that make his mouth numb, and oh no, I can't kiss him then!

I feel tears sting my eyes as I run, stumbling over my torn jean legs and flip-flops.

The trees are green, the sky is blue, the seagulls are shitting everywhere; such a beautiful day! And on this day my beloved Ash might get crushed.

A yellow smooth-looking car almost runs over me as I cross the street outside the school. I apologize to the driver by showing him my finger and continue to run.

"AAAASH!" I yell after him, but he is no where to be seen! I remember that he probably is in a building on the other side of town. A whole of 300 meters away from his lover! I mourn for his shattering heart.

I run into the building, knocking over an old woman with a wheelchair on my heroic quest of Saving Ash From the Dentist(tm), which is included, but shall be revised in the Totally Pointless Adventures Of Matte And Ash (And Robert...There...Somewhere...In The Corner)(tm).

I ignore the elevator and take the stairs two by two, my right foot loosing a teddy bear flip-flop on the way. No time to save it now. I run to the information desk, out of breath and sweating. "Where is Ash?"

"Ash?"The woman behind the counter raises an eyebrow.

"Ashton, Ashton something!"

"Matte...?" Comes a shlepping voice from behind me. I turn around with a start and see Ash, drool running down the corner of his mouth. He smiles with the unnumb part of his mouth; not a pretty sight, but oh so...

He has survived! My beautiful Ash has survived. I take him in my arms and hug him tight, his saliva staining my grey tank top. I take his hand and we decend the stairs side by side, his honey hair wild in the wind, and his saliva blowing sideways into my face; I can't do anything but smile widely as I stare into his bloodshot ords. His Majesty Homogayness(tm) is mine at last.

Ash's Gaywood Forest(tm) is much closer to where are than my place. We walk there slowly, butterflies running amok in my stomach. Our words seem to be from a dreamland far far away from reality, another dimension; a fairy-tale.

"I'm hungry," Ash says.

"You can't eat right now anyway."

Ash hurries into the toilet as soon as we walk in the door. My smile widens even further. I walk into his room and seat myself on his bed, fishing out my condoms out of my pocket; one in every flavor.

Ash is naked when he comes into the room. Blood stops running to my brain and flows down into Little Nietzsche. Ash laughs at the sight; me totally absorbed by his beauty and the condoms lying on the table in front of his bed. He fidgets with them and picks the liquirice one.

It's not a real problem kissing, and he dresses me off quickly as we still kiss, pushing me down on the unbearably soft light blue blanket. I let my hand cup over his perfect bottom, my fingers drenched in self-warming lube carefully poking at his entrance. He squares his legs that are entagled with mine, his lips not leaving my throat and face and lips.

As soon as I get in two fingers, at which he bites my lip and gets a bun in his eye, I straddle him on top of me and help him to slowly slide me inside himself. He closes one eye hard, tears dropping down his eyelashes. I grab his slim waist, forcing him further down as his screams and moans sing opera in my ears.

He starts gaining a tact when the pain lessens, his moans and heaving quickening along with the wet sounds our friction make. I take his hands in mine, placing a kiss on his palm. He slows down and stops when I come, a deep groan escaping my throat.

Ash continues to sit on top of me as he jerks himself off fast, craving a deep and long kiss from me as he comes, his hole tightening around me before he deliberately slides upwards.

We lie beside each other huffing for a good while, the sunlight bleach yellow and falling on us. I slide the condom off and throw it somewhere where I can't see it.

"That felt good," Ash concludes, pulling his foot closer to his butt.

"Yeah..." I reply drowsily.

"We should do it again."


"I just wanted to tell you earlier..."Ash started.

"Hm?" My eyes fall half-mast.

"I forgot."

"I just realized something," I scratch my scalp.

"What?"He turns his head towards me, his breath tickling my ear.

"I don't think I'm in love with you."

"I know...Me neither." He smiles.

I guess that boys will be boys. What, you've got something to say?! IN YOUR FACE!

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