I'm back! Well, this story wasn't doing so well, so I cleaned it up a bit, turtle-waxed it, and re-posted it. I haven't finished much of it, but I know what's going to happen, so all I need is encourgement... (hinthint)

On with the story!

I was born in this city, raised here, and I even died in this city. But the city is not important, because that's not where my story takes place. Sure this is where it started and ended, but that's not the entirety of it. Chasing someone so far in nothing more than a if loop for so long, can make you as crazy as I am. Or was. Past tense is more appropriate.

When I died, there was one word stuck in my head.


But it wasn't revenge for my death; more like revenge for my life. As I sat there bleeding, I knew I had accomplised my goal.

There, on the floor no more than ten yards away was the cause of my suffering for so many years, and he was bleeding too.