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Immortal Wars


Summary: The immortal wars has raged for many long centuries. Demons against angels. Magic against magic. Neither side remembers what they fight for. Hatred drives them on now. Killing each other is what they do. No one is pure this, or pure that. All it is? Blood and anger. What the humans are? Things in the way. What children are? New angels or demons, or magical experiments. What love is? Nothing but a myth. Can it all be undone? It just takes a fallen angel and a risen demon with a heart of fire.


Chapter One: Fallen Angel


War. The word makes mortals shake in fear. We have long since gotten used to it. A meaningless war. A dreadful, terrifying thing. It had started out of one man's greed and like a black fog, consuming all. Many soon had no reason to live but to hate.

In many, the will to fight died. The blood fell, drop by drop. True enemies were easy to come by, true friends many a less. Many wondered what would happen to the two realms that were slowly starving themselves to death. What would happen with the remnants of these once magnificent empires? Would they shatter and fall like all the rest had under the two kingdom's war? Would the kingdoms surrender to the pure darkness that threatened to consume them night and day? There was almost no purity left. What was left of it was locked away by the darkness.

The true ones had seen this all. They had seen it coming, done all they could to stop it. But it wasn't enough to preserve the kingdoms. No magic could reverse the wheel of time. Yes they could freeze it, but that made no difference...

Some of the elders, who were so old that age wasn't a matter to them anymore, can remember when they talked with the people of the mountains freely. But alas no longer. They were gone. Destroyed by the war, by the Fire and Ice. It was both your enemy and your ally. Uncontrolled, untamable, unpredictable. It was sometimes calm and beautiful to everyone, or a brutal unrestrained elimination waiting to cause turmoil to those who had called to it in the darkness. Free and powerful, it could kill at the blink of an eye.

But a phoenix's soul is hard to come by, one that holds the ice and fire, and they are yet to be found.

They are just like us, and yet not. They can kill. They can love. They are the last of the pures. Last of the ancient ways. The last.


The dark clothed girl climbed to the top of the pillar. Fires lit the streets below. People screamed, children cried. And she could do nothing. Nothing at all. She could just watch and see her once prosperous city fall under the demons. Reinforcements needed to arrive.

She hissed and readied her blade which was already coated in demon blood.

She looked at the streets again. The army was advancing. An army that was never supposed to come here. Glacis had been supposed to take them. Glacis had fallen.

They looked just like humans but yet the darkness had consumed them and they had been cursed by the darkness. Forever tainted. There was no escaping that curse, you would be forever a monster within. But because they looked like the mortals the only way to tell was the branded stars on their forehead. An ugly reminder of what they were.

She knew the lands of Ganshen, where the 'city of Ashes' resided, there was such horrible working conditions for the people that the people died as quickly as the drought took out their crop. It was said that the nobles and lords were horrible men that thought of women as slaves and whores. That was all they were to them and thus that was what they became.

The girl, cloaked by the night hours shadows, shook her head, trying to clear her head of these thoughts. She hoped desperately that reinforcements would arrive soon.

A cold hand tapped her shoulder, and as she dodged the demon's attack she felt the cold blade rush right past her ear. So much for the warning. She instantly reacted, decapitating the demon with a diamond coated blade. She pulled a torch from a nearby wall and before it could regenerate itself it burned to ashes. Their only weakness was a magic fire or light itself. Thank god for torches. A small smile pulled at her features but vanished within an instant. More demons were approaching.

She twirled around to see three more approaching. She threw her sword with pinpoint accuracy and it went though two. She muttered low under her breath and flames enveloped the dead demon bodies. She instantly felt the slight drain. She twirled her hand in the air and her sword was summoned again. The demon was on her instantly. She barely had time to swing around.

A shrill scream filled the air.

She pulled her sword out of the demon, splitting it in half in doing so. She looked away disgusted and threw the torch on it. She sighed and looked at the pile of ashes that quickly blew away in the wind. Her shoulders heaved with the effort of killing so many. She had been out since the break of dawn and already had killed thousands from just blade and arrow alone. But then there was magic. That had killed even more.

She settled against the blood coated walls. Her eyes closed and her breath grew even again. How many were to die today over one man's greed? How many had already died from all the neighboring kingdoms? But now the two most powerful nations had been killing each other off for years. How many more?

'Too many, princess.'

Her eyes snapped open and she instantly looked to the sky and smiled as a familiar group of creatures soared through the skies. The Lactic Squad, Ruby Status. She sighed in relief.


'Who else?'

'Thank you.'

'I'm just thankful you're alive.'

One of the ruby colored phoenixes angled its wings and gracefully came toward the tower peak. It circled it once and drew closer, the flames of the bright bird torching some nearby demons to their immortal deaths. It pumped its wings once, gaining altitude and became level with where the dark haired girl was.

The armored Lactic extended a mesh laden hand and the girl ran at an inhuman speed to keep up with the blazing phoenix. She jumped on the ridge of the rail and caught his hand just before it was out of reach.

The phoenix reached around and pushed her on. She patted its regal head once and uttered a small command. A bright flash of light filled their minds as the bird accepted her command and the bird went to the skies again, pumping its wings harder with its new burden. She waved her hands around the noble's waist and hung on. A few riders waved in recognition at the admired princess of the city of Alike. She nodded in return.

She turned her attention to the rider. "So, what took you?"

"Oh, nothing, princess, just braved a storm if I can put it that way," replied the dark haired noble. He passed a helmet to the girl which she gratefully took for the wind had been ripping at her eyes and causing them to water. He turned partially around and opened the visor. His clear ice aqua blue eyes attacked her also ice colored eyes viciously with no hesitance. "And why aren't you in the castle, princess? Are you trying to get yourself killed?"

"You know my answer, Noble Thrathbar," she replied flicking his helmet innocently, smiling wickedly.

"No I don't. Care to evaluate?"

"No thank you Noble, though it is kind of you to ask," she replied in a mocking tone.

'Prin... Princess?' It was a weak thought but both riders picked it up. The princess answered and the rider settled to listen. 'Have the Lactic Squads reached you, your Highness?'

'Yes, they have. Dispatched were?'

The Noble rider answered. 'Noble Rath Thrathbar, commander of air forces here sir. Dispatched air forces of Lactic were gold, ruby, silver, diamond and aqua. Amethyst are still engaged just farther back with a demon fleet. Apparently gold division lagged behind but will engage soon. They had them outnumbered greatly. Land divisions emerald, pearl, garnet, and obsidian. Obsidian and garnet have engaged the enemy sir.'

'Thank you Commander Noble Thrathbar,' the commander of land, Noble Kakos replied.

'Thank both of you Commanders,' said the princess, sending the Noble in front of her a smile.

'Thank you princess, out.'

"That went well."

"Aye, it did," replied the Noble.

"You are becoming a great commander Noble."

"All in due time," he replied bowing his head slightly at her warm approval. He smiled once and lowered his visor again. He turned to the phoenix again who eagerly waited instructions. "Full speed ahead Raka."

The phoenix's eyes glowed and then it took off, a blazing dash of light and flame. The squad followed instantly, their ruby squad phoenixes following despite if their riders had motioned for them to do so or not.

The girl's eyes narrowed. 'I smell death...'


Rath sighed sadly. "How did they know we were coming?" The girl smiled grimly and rubbed his back comfortingly. "They took out almost the whole squad... HOW?!"

"They had magi. They saw it in a vision I suppose," she answered. Her eyes though were disbelieving. They had magi that powerful? Since when? But if their magi were powerful, there wasn't a reason for theirs not to be powerful. Or a traitor could be in their midst…

She shook her head clearing that thought. It was just that the demons', Nazdirith's and Ganshen's, magi had never been powerful. Just that…. It was nearly impossible. Unless they had received one with the gift of talking to the elements, which only really happened to pure creatures. No they couldn't of.

So many had died tonight.

A person, a servant, knocked. "Ma'am, the Raimons are here."

"Tell them to come in," she said, seating herself on the couch next to Rath, who was still muttering in disbelief next to her. She comfortingly grasped his hand. He barely noticed her but stopped cursing himself and curled up like a young child who knew something they had done was wrong.

Nine women stepped in, their forms bloody. The Raimons. Serenity, fair haired and beautiful, the dreamer angel. Araina, gentle and cheerful and a brave fighter, the angel of light. Lavraina, the gorgeous one, stunning to the eyes, amethyst hair and aqua eyes that enchanted all, the angel of beauty. Taroc, fair and justified, scares some people but a trustworthy and brave warrior, the archangel. Laquata, beautiful as her sister Lavraina, but stained by blood, she's the warrior angel. Emist, alone in her world of peace, a loner, she's the lone angel. Piricti, she's the untouchable one, she's bound in chains to the past and future and holds the keys to this world, she's the angel of destiny. Warkin, she's got an air of her that reminds you of death; she's the angel of demise. And Atlanta, she's special, she's lost a wing due to Ganshen being so far away, she's the angel of unity.

"Ma'am, the demons have been forced past the border. It will be quiet tonight."

"Good, thank you Taroc," she addressed the blonde archangel.

"We also captured an enemy noble. Would you like to question him?"

She sighed. She had wanted to join them. She had tried. She always did but the royalty lines didn't want their future queen and only heir in danger.

"Yes that would be required. Allow me a moment alone please." The Raimons dipped their hands at their silent dismissal and once again left the room. She stood there, staring at the angels as they left.

She muttered comfortingly to the noble who quietly listened, letting her powers wash over his exhausted form. He quickly was asleep, his cerulean eyes finally closing their anger to the world. She looked to the sky, her eyes sad.

She was the last.

The tenth angel and the magic bearer.

She would never be understood fully.

She was the only one left that could feel. The only one that hadn't already fallen from grace.

She was the angel of purity.


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