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Immortal Wars


Chapter Two: Risen Demon


Our people have become careless, so confident that power is the only thing. It kills them and eats them away from the inside. I've seen it so many times I do not grief for those that have become power hungry shells, eaten away by the seven deadly sins. Greed, gluttony, pride, lust, sloth, hate, and envy. I pity the ones that are innocent and are yet killed by the soulless.

Greed is taken in the rush for power. It is in all of us, but some kill it when they are created, others let it grow until it consumes them. It is the killer among us, the drive for everything.

Gluttony is what makes them what they are, careless and dull-witted. They conquer then with their power they gorge themselves, maybe or not to their deaths. But each suffer a little of each sin. Each sin tied to the next.

Pride is the sin that controls them. Makes them never give into another's reason and listen to someone else. It leads to their own destruction if occurring to frequently. It is not the end for most, for even I have fallen to pride and arrogance at one point in time.

Lust is something the women are seen as. Objects of desire. Many die that way. We conquer cities and I see the men slaughtered and the women kept for the men's use. I despise that, but never is this the true ending for a man, but it leads to it. I pity the women who are used, most often killed by this deadly sin.

Sloth is one of the sins where I believe it is tied. Greed causes gluttony, and gluttony eventually causes sloth. So pulled down by themselves, killing themselves from within. A sad way to die. But still I do not pity the men, they brought it upon themselves.

Hate is what drives our kind to kill. It is what you see in their eyes, in the very corner of every man's soul is a bit of hate. It lives and consumes those that let it.

Envy drives all this. The need to be better.

All of us suffer a sin if not a little or a lot. It is you. But these people are no longer people respectfully. They have truly fallen to darkness and we can not save them. We are a doomed people. Sometimes I think nothing can save us now.


The tall teenage noble growled, his eyes flashing with an inferno of rage. He roughly pushed all the scattered locks of dark hair from his face, his noble's outfit stained with blood. He didn't seem to notice the dark scratch that still bleed across his otherwise flawless cheek.

"Who gave the order to attack?!"

"Your father, master," replied a servant in the shadows. As he had said this he gave a short bow.

The handsome young man didn't respond to the servant words. He impatiently paced the room, though looking as if he'd collapse at any second, his body tense as if listening, expecting some disaster to fall upon them.

"We were supposed to wait."


"This war has lasted too long. The head commander of warfare was captured. Possibly killed. How are we going to deal without him...?"

"Sir, we have already gone and identified the dead. He is not among..."


The dark haired man sat down on a cushioned chair restlessly but exhaustedly as the servant left, not closing the door as he went. The door was left ajar. The man lifted his hand and the door slammed shut forcefully. Despite his use of magic, he did not feel any drain on his body.

"My father will be the doom to this kingdom. It has lasted for centuries. How much longer can we hold out till we finally starve?" He said, resting his head on his arms, his eyes flashing. "That time glory and power kept us alive... The older nobles before me fought that war. Now my father like those before him. And I, his own son, can do nothing." He sighed tiredly.

He picked up and instrument he himself had made. It was a small pipe. He blew in it, sending out a high pitched note.

A black eagle type creature flew into the open window, seeing him and landing on his extended hand. Its talons dug into his normal toned skin, droplets of blood falling to the hard polished ground.

The creature was one of his father's creations. Something gone wrong. Somehow one of the men had killed a phoenix of Alike and had gotten coated in its blood, though he himself had died from the scorching blood. The first time a phoenix's blood had been found, though only a small amount, and they used it. They gave it to a female black eagle, who took it without consequences, and it produced one egg, though lager than normal, not as big as the gigantic phoenix eggs.

The egg had hatched and though it had a phoenix's appearance and strength, it was nowhere near the phoenix's size, which could carry several people easily.

So he had rescued the hatchling, substituting it with a dead black eagle hatchling and had raised it, a constant reminder that Alike wasn't all that different from Ganshen.

So now he stroked the regal black eagle's head. The eagle, a female, twittered happily and cocked its head, expecting a message.

"All right Raze, I want you to find Derek okay. Give him this message okay? Don't hesitate to kill to get to him but don't harm anyone you don't have to." The eagle, nodded understanding, the head crest flared with streaks of auburn red. He quickly tied a message around its neck and patted its head again. "Alright fly beauty, fly."

The eagle took off, flying up high into the dark sky. A brief flash of light came against the sky as the bird let out on simple stream of flame in farewell.

He reached down and pulled a long magnificent blade from its jeweled sheath. He gently wiped the blood off the sword and watched as it shone brightly as if it reflected the sun and moon.

He set it, with its sheath, on the desk and closed his eyes. He sighed again. "Was our world once peaceful? Destruction and conquest has torn that world apart. I probably will never be able to see it again as it once was." Worry flashed through his eyes before he finally closed them, exhaustion finally taking him away.


When he seemed to wake from his sleep he was no longer at his desk, dreading the fate of all his father had cursed. He was elsewhere, somewhere he did not know. It seemed as though he were high above the clouds, powerful and free. For once he felt as if he could be who he truly was.

He unconsciously sensed a different power within him. It hit him suddenly that he had powerful appearing wings, coal black and feathered. He pulled at one experimentally and was surprised as a feather fell out, bringing along also a spark of surprise. What was this? Was it more than a dream?

"Where am I?" He asked to no one in particular, looking around. It was as if he rested on the clouds, though for a moment he was hovering as his wings gracefully kept him afloat, seeing the endless stretch unfilled space. The foam like clouds sagged under his weight as he landed but did not separate, keeping safely firm. He was utterly surprised that it seemed to feel like foam and felt as if it were something out of a fairy tale.

"You're nowhere."

He looked around for the voice, noticing the figure a small distance from him, facing the sun, the silky white wings that spread from her back flowing enchantingly. If not for her dark hair, she would have blended in with the clouds.

"You're an angel?" He asked. He wasn't sure of where they were but angels lived where purity still survived. It was said that there were a few angels left in Alike but that was a rumor, a rarely believed rumor, and still if found by Nazdirith or Ganshen, the angels would be put to death instantly despite that they were nearly myths now and kept the balance in this world, along with the pure demons of darkness, whom actually weren't really demons, but balancers of the world.

"Maybe." Her pure voice seemed innocent but her words taunted him. "What are you? A demon of darkness then?"

He glanced at his wings in an accusing way. "That or a fallen angel."

The girl sighed, her blue eyes sad as she glanced at him. "Funny. I don't know where we are but it's easy to recall the war that still rages below us. This war has lasted too long."

"It has. What do you know of it? Whose side are you on?" He said instantly, walking to her and settling on the cloud.

"There is no 'sides' anymore. Just blood spilled on the earth that we once lived peacefully on, that we shared and worked on. We don't know what we were fighting for anymore, so it makes this war totally useless. It just destroys us from the inside. We have nothing, so we have nothing to lose but still nothing to fight for. Even despite the war it would have a purposeful if we had something to fight for, but we don't and it makes us pathetic."

He knew her words were true. "But you are Alikian?"

"Yes, that I am. But I wasn't born in Alike. You are Ganish, or are you of the demons at Nazdirith?"

"How do you know I'm either?"

"I just guessed, being that you have a wristband of royalty or power," she said and he looked at the golden band as it glowed with all its tainted fake innocence and true power, "meaning you are possibly a noble or a high class demon-driver."

He was somewhat ashamed that he had forgotten about the bracelet but the girl didn't seem bothered about his heritage. "A noble unfortunately."

A silence rested between them. The girl closed her eyes. "I suppose this is just a dream then where our dreams crossed. Who knows, I may not really be real. But I do know that our empire is dying."

"Many died tonight. The empire has always been dying."

"If I'm real, the memories I have say I was there."

He looked at her again. She looked familiar, as many of the higher class had pointed ears and silky hair, but he couldn't exactly pin who she looked like and why it suddenly occurred to him like this.

Before he had a chance to really dwell on it a wind picked up, whipping the hair in his face again. "It looks like this dream is over for me. Maybe they'll cross again. Till then take care, my Ganish friend." Her blue eyes carried sincerity.

For a second he couldn't see anything that was an inch in front of his face and when the winds died she was gone, though her aura still remained he was alone.


He woke up harshly as someone began yelling in his ears. He tiredly blinked, pushing the dream to the back of his mind. His father looked at him and stormed out again. He stifled a yawn, barely noticing the dark black feather on his desk, but when he did he stared at it, uncomprehending.

He looked to the servant. "What did he say?"

The servant shrugged mildly. "Most of it was not understandable, sir, but I heard him mention Mistress Aki and then several minutes later Master Jag." Again the servant was a stone. He should get an award for impassiveness.

He shuddered at the mention of Aki. He'd rather face a whole army than say a single word to the prostitute. Even though born to a wealthy noble she chose to be one of the prostitutes.

He shook his head and addressed the servant again asking for Jag. Seconds later Jag entered carrying a pile of papers. Jag dismissed the servant with a wave of his free hand.

"What?" He said in a complaining tone.

"Jag, what did father want?"

"Bro I really, like you apparently, did not pay attention."

The male glared at his brother and sighed. "What are you signing those papers for?" he asked quizzically, eyeing the pile.

"I don't know, the master told me to sign them so guess what, I sign them," Jag replied dumping the stack on the desk.

"Here I'll help."



He laughed a bit more cheerfully. "The magi say your powers are useless. I'll give them a piece of my mind."

The man sighed. "Sign one and I'll take care of the rest."

Seconds after Jag scribbled his full signature down the pile glowed and the ink copied itself onto each page where the signature was required.

After about half a minute the pile was done.

"Thanks... maybe... Do I have to do anything for you now...?" Jag asked cautiously. How he didn't want to do chores for the rest of his life...

"Unless you can kill my father and end this dumb war, no nothing." The man kicked back in his chair sighing.


Suddenly the servant was back in the room, emotionlessly staring at them both with dead eyes.

Jag shuddered. "Man your servant is weird."

"They're all like that and almost all the nobles. Haven't you noticed Jag?"


The servant cleared his throat and the two tall teens looked at him questioningly. "You father wants you, master."

"Thank you, don't want to keep the old man waiting, later Jag."

He strode through the endless passageways and neared the North Tower where his father always called him to. He finally gave up climbing the stairs after a while and just glided up with his powers. He seriously wondered how the old man did it. Oh yes, he had servants. Lots of them.

His father impatiently waited, the power infested aura surrounding the whole area. He detested his father, his attitude more than the man himself. He was talking to a lesser noble, but still one that held power.

"My son," the detest was growing as he said this and the teen pushed down the urge to throw his sword at him and chop off his head, "will stage a mission to rescue... Lord Mackintosho from Alike. He will have to take my other son, Jag, and a few others like him. Useless ones."

The teen's eyes widened. That was suicide.

Even with his powers, that was what it was. And to take others, murder.

He was about to protest and again chuck his sword at him, probably loosing his sword because it'd go straight though the old man but his father slipped an amulet out of his pocket and showed the other man which he didn't recognize still. "This is what I never told him. My elder son, at his birth, was proclaimed as a demon of darkness, a balancer, by the last mystic. Truthfully it's what keeps me in power now. He doesn't know, but I keep his true power. If he took this and took the power, only one could match him then, one of the so called Raimons of Alike... That's it. We could win the war."

His eyes narrowed distastefully. He'd known it all along but hadn't quite faced it till then. He was a tool. Just another part of this war.


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