A/N: Not making any promises with this one, I just needed to get it out of my system. Complicated story, but maybe you'll relate. In any case, R&R me, I'll R&R you lovelovelove, pammy x3

Betrayal of Trust

How could you do this?

Lie to me, burn me, betray me (love me)

Confuse me, break me, destroy me (love me)

As you took everything I had

You said it was my fault (tough love hurts bad)

You make me think twice about everything I do-

And I will never end up like you

You broke the trust I had in others

When you broke me and took from me over and over

And it was because you cared

That you were never there

You were out getting fucked up,

I was left home blaming myself

Everything used to be okay-

But now I'll never be the same

Your screams ring in my ears

I'm completely worthless is what I hear

And I see everything different from everyone else

I feel so trapped inside these walls

That sometimes I want to end it all...

But I can't and I won't and I refuse

Because I won't give my life to you