One thing that must be kept in a society; civilization, school, experiment, law, anything a person does, is balance. Without balance, the entire universe is thrown out of sink. If the order of balance is disturbed then the reminder of the equation balance is chaos. We as humans must see through this chaos, and guide our vessels to a sanctuary, which is called existence. The amount of motivational drive that is required to reach existence and finding out what one's purpose is on this planet is unknown. The only thing that is known is the everlasting pursuit of happiness. Happiness has many different meanings, and if used in the wrong contents the terminologies could be interpreted wrongfully. We as humans require more than just love and compassion. Happiness is a luxury that must be exploited with every chance. Life is to short and to good to let it all go to waste in the oblivion of a moment. Our existence is eternal and the thought of the loss of this existence will lead to the destruction of our way of life. The human way is a joyful, gloomy, prosperous, and unexpected state of mind. Every action that a human commits in their life will be taken in account for. The actions will mold one's reputation and then the reputation will consume a human.

Because of our mind set we as good-natured humans cannot accept any grey areas and because of this incapacity to accept the unexplained and the unknown, humans are unable to accept anything new that requires a drastic amount of change. This faulty attribute could lead to the impending destruction of the human way. The very foundation of this human way was once innocence, compassion, restraint, and loyalty. Innocence as in the pure innocence of a child that will grow up and develop into an honorable man. An example of compassion is that of a lover, wife, friend, buddy, enemy, rival, a God, a devil, and a family. Knowing that you have the power to do wrong or make someone uncomfortable doesn't mean you should. That is a form of restraint. Loyalty, true raw loyalty is the willingness to follow your companion into Hell. These fundamentals are what made the very core of the human way, but over time things change and the human way is no exception. Dominance, greed, power, and freedom of destruction are the new foundations of the human way.

Gaining as much as you want through unnecessary force is dominance. Being envious of your fellow man is greed. The word power in this issue is used for evil and to hurt the fellow man. Freedom-of-destruction is the unnecessary use of physical and emotional force to inflict pain on the spirit of the human way.