With my eyes a deep shade of green,

I walk into this life

as if it were a dream.

I am a muse of someone already dead,

I am the image one has drempt,

force fed,

as they sleep sound in their bed.

I am burned,

I am cut from these chains,

and I can not accept what has been taken from me.

Parts of me are buried in unmarked graves

where faceless children play underneath

some lonesome cherry blossom tree.

Each breath,

Every smile,

A simple laugh, it was worth the while.

Countless tears streaming down my cheeks,

I only pray for the lord my soul to keep.

I'm disconnected from the truth,

how about you?

that I am no longer here.

This is what I fear.

Shadows fade against a fire's blaze;

Snowflakes no longer gather on my tongue;

Each one identical and I am afraid.

If I should stay here any longer,

I will surely freeze-

I never bleed.

You see, Who I am,

I never was-

I am not me.


What does that mean?

He is frustrated by the mere presence of me.

I yearn to be giving,

to be loving,

and to be strong.

But this pain-

deep sharp fragments,

bitter sweet shards,

doesn't seem wrong-

they have been here so long.

There are still moments to remember

and God knows- how I will never forget;

what it meant,

to be human, to be deserving,


Almost heaven sent.

I am the coyote

that preys upon the weak,

whom lies low in the bushes at nighttime

in search of fresh meat.

Your good enough to eat.

Make no mistake,

I'm wise to the tricks

because I'm full of trickery.

My charm, my seduction

is the best part of me.

I am the Goddess of beauty and love.

In the irony that I've never had either of these.

It's one glance,

one word,

a soft touch, a slow dance;

A passionate kiss from a lover's sweet lips,

and then I'm down on my knees

calling to a God whom I've never seen.

I'm forced to love rain;

anything wet.

Fresh warm liquid-

you haven't seen the best of me yet.

Come on, come on,

drench my skin;

My dear drifter

do this girl a favor,

and keep throwing buckets of your savoir

to douce out my sin.

kimberly Ellis