Four old men and me,
drink coffee on a Saturday morning.
Nick names become real names,
names so old no one remembers why.
Fatty, Coach, Blackie, Push, and me.
With this team, I can
drive a steam locomotive,
invade France,
win 2 State championships,
and fly a P-51.
I can tell them why
their check engine light came on.
More coffee all around.
Fatty raises his chin
for a kiss on the lips
from the waitress.
Blackie wears white pants and shirt.
"You must be a virgin, all in white today."
"Maybe I am. I can't remember
the first or the last time."
Coach worries for his wife.
Surgery on her leg didn't go well.
Push says she will outlive them all.
Children live in three states
Grandchildren too far away
Not complaining, no complaints
Its just the way it is.
A trembling hand on a strong arm
reaches for the sugar.
USMC bulldog in a helmet tattoo
hiding under the hair.
"Take your coffee black,
you can send anybody for coffee
and get it right."
I'm drinking coffee
with four old men
who knew my father
and they think he was a fine man.
Sometimes they forget who I am
and call me by his name.