AN/: I'll warn you all here that throughout the chapters there is bound to be some language that could offend readers, nothing too naighty though. At least, not the 'F' word. I will also be unbashfully criticising certain things/people at times. Hope you won't mind. Nothing too outrageous (it'll be for humour). Oh, and when reading this, try and imagine a Seinfield tone of voice.

One last thing. These stories may be about my actual life but they are also slightly exaggerated and overdramatic. I'm not really this exasperating in real life!


Somewhere in a small country town, people mill about doing their everyday, seemingly normal, activities. But in the depths of this jungle of innocent commotion lies a secret and hidden chaos, masked out by silence. The source of chaos bubbles with pedantic thoughts and blistering memories craving to spill forth onto the world, coving it with sticky detail and prickly scrutiny.

This chaos is now unleashing its most deadly weapon in order to contaminate the population with ridiculous information and random ideas. It has a keyboard and its ready to use it.

Welcome to my mind.

PS: Be afraid, be very afraid! Muahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!