Mothers and…Other Stuff

I have some advice. If you've just finished high school and want to take a year or so off before continuing your education, listen to your intuition. I wanted that year off- some solitude; time to think about myself, the world and more importantly heal from the long-term damage caused by hours of blackboard eye-screwing in classes, back aches from those crappy chairs, feeling of being too lax from lack of exercise after exams and general brain pain.

But somehow between mum's constant nagging and a final convincement from a friend, I applied to university. And got in. I planned to move out of home and everything-at least I'd be with young people to help me through times of motivation-lessness. But what happens? Two weeks before I leave I find out that my government education fund/help-thingy- will only provide me with half of what I need to survive. The parents being short of cash were unable to help me and with no time to accept other university offers, I decided to lug the year out doing correspondence. BIG MISTAKE.

But never mind all that. Just background information.

A couple of times a year us 'off campus' students have to attend schools at the uni (when everybody else is on holiday…) to listen to lectures that, over the course of three days, go over the entire unit information for the whole semester.

I just came back from a psychology school.

Actually, I have to give credit to psychology-it's actually very interesting. Especially learning about different researchers' theories. Ever heard of Freud? Man who believed every male secretly wants to kill his father and make passionate love to his mother? Yeh, that's the guy.

When the lecturer asked, "Which persons were Freud's two greatest influences?" I was that close to calling out "His mother?"

It's funny really; I've observed that quite a few people of importance to history have developed theories or claims that to me seem to reflect themselves and their own situations. Freud thought that because he had kinky thoughts about his mum every boy must have. Charles Darwin thought we come from apes...

Observation of the day:

I always wonder what it means when someone says they are a Freudian…