I stood in front of Ashton Hills Boys' Academy, one of the most prestigious schools in America, it was the school I would be attending for my Senior Year... oh and as you may have noticed from the name, it's an all boys school. Now you may be wondering, well that's all fine and dandy... but what's so interesting about this?

Well you see.. I'm a girl. Uh huh, you heard me right, I'm a GIRL about to attend an ALL BOYS school. No doubt you'll be pretty confused right about now, so let's go back a couple of weeks to when this whole mess began. Oh and yeah, my name is Loralai Sterlin, in case you were wondering. Rory for short.

Two Weeks Earlier

"Rory... Rory.."

My eyes opened to find my boss's receptionist's cheerful face inches above mine. I returned the smile and took my headphones off.

"... Sheffield's ready to see you now sweetie."

"On time as always." I replied, rising from my seat to enter my British boss's office. I briskly walked in, and took the empty seat facing the imposing older man. John Sheffield was not a man to be messed with, he ran his business with an iron first making him the best of the best in his league. It helped that he looked imposing, what with his tall stature and broad shoulders, cold grey eyes and thin lips that was set in permanent frown. Crap, he even scared me and I was his best... well one of his best. I may have been his youngest agent at only seventeen, but I was definitely one of his best. Yes that's right folks, if you haven't picked it up yet, I'm an undercover agent.

"Congratulations on your recent case, Sterlin. It took you a while longer than I expected..."

"Uh yeah.. I mean yes sir. I take full responsibility for that." I replied meekly. Hey you'd be meek too if you were sitting in front of Mr. Sheffield! Even if he was being nice.

"I hope you will be more efficient with your new case."

I nodded obediently, there really wasn't much else to reply with. I had just gotten back from New Zealand where I'd been sent to find a Rank 2 Terrorist that had gone into hiding. Obviously, I had found him, but let me tell you, it was no easy task. This guy was a genius at hiding. If there was an Olympic Medal for Hide and Seek, this guy would win gold as a hider!

Sheffield pulled out a folder from a small pile, scanned it quickly and then handed it over to me. My mouth fell open in shock when I looked at the cover. I'd just been promoted! BIG TIME!

CODE: 105

Name: STERLIN, Loralai
Sex: Female
D.O.B: 31 March 1989
Rank: A2

I had been assigned to a CODE: 105... meaning it was White House work. WHITE HOUSE!! OH. MY. GOD. And it got better it was a Section: A, meaning it had to do with the First Family. OH. MY. GOD. I could be working undercover for the PRESIDENT!!!

I hate to admit this... but I actually squealed, jumped over the desk and hugged Sheffield. He was quite surprised to say the least.

But gosh... to be assigned to such a case at my age... well that was... wow.

Sheffield coughed and gestured to my seat. I grinned like the maniac I was and sat back in my seat... still grinning. I was way too happy to be scared of Sheffield right then.

"Would you like to know the details of your case now?" He inquired.

I nodded... and that's when my life got turned to custard. Well I shouldn't say custard because custard is good and I would be implying that what he said was good when it wasn't so really I should say something that no one likes... like gherkin! So that's when my life got turned into gherkin. Ok, no. That doesn't work... ah crappin hec who cares, I'm sure you get what I'm trying to say so I'll move on.

"As you have no doubt heard, there has been a recent attempt at the First Son James Winters' life. One that came a little too close to being successful for comfort. Whoever did it is no doubt very skilled and yet has to be captured. Your assignment is to guard Winters and investigate this case."

"Wait... you want me to guard?"

"Yes, well you have already completed the special body guard training, haven't you?"

"Er.. well ok... how exactly am I supposed to do this?"

"Winters currently attends Ashton Hills Boys' Academy. You will attend there, undercover as a student. You are to befriend Winters and remain beside him at all times. He is not to know that you are a guard. He has requested for no personal guards this year, since the school itself is well guarded. The President has reluctantly consented, but the situation at present is too dangerous for Winters to be without a guard."

I stared at Sheffield, "WOAH WOAH WOAH! Back up the wagon or whatever you're driving back... you want me to go undercover as a student at an ALL BOYS school?! As in... I have to be... a BOY?!"


That's all he said... yes.

"... Were there no males available for this case?!"

"Not young and skilled enough, no."

"So let me get this straight, I have to be a boy. As in a male, opposite of a female, which I am. I have to be like... unhygienic and testosterone driven?!"

"Believe it or not, not all males are unhygienic." Sheffield said, sounding somewhat... dare I say it... amused?!

"I...I.....CRAPPIN HEC!!" I exclaimed, at a complete lack of words.

"You are to meet with the A.A.T (Appearance Alteration Team) tomorrow. You will begin at Ashton Hills Boys' Academy in two weeks. You have already been enrolled and the Principal has been informed of you. You are roomed with Winters since Ashton Hills is a boarding school. Here is your new identification and I wish you luck with your case Agent Sterlin." Sheffield said, shaking my hand firmly.

I nodded dazedly and walked out of the office, looking down at my new identity- Rory Connors. At least my first name was still kind of the same.

Back to the Present (AN: now there's an oxymoron hehe i love that word... an ox-ish moron... lol... alrite back to story)

I blew a stray lock of my newly cut hair out of my face. Silently thanking the A.A.T for not giving me a bowl cut. Although these stick on sideburns they made me wear were really itchy. My hair now resembled Ashton Kutcher's hair from Dude Where's My Car (as per my request), except with longer side swept bangs. This way if I took my sideburns off, I could still look like a girl. Thank god for that, I mean guys are great, I just don't really wanna look like one is all.

Taking a deep breath, I straightened my shoulders, puffed my chest out (like I'd seen my brother do on many occasions) and then quickly glanced to check down that well... my .. assets were bound down tightly... and phwef, they were... I mean they weren't like very big or anything in the first place... but they did exist... right getting awkward so shall stop talking about my assets...

Taking long masculine-ish (AN:I don't think that's a word but whatever) I entered the dorms building all the while hoping that Winters wouldn't already be there.

I don't know why I bother, luck is hardly ever on my side.

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