High School

High school has been time spent

growing, learning, and understanding;

time spent finding out who you are

and where you fit in the world.

It's been time spent

growing close to the people

you met along the way,

and time spent making memories.

Now that it's time to graduate,

hold on to your memories

and be proud of what you've accomplished.

As you graduate from high school,

remember that your diploma is a symbol

of the knowledge you've gained,

the goals you have set and achieved,

the friendships you have made,

and the person you've become.

But never stop striving and growing,

because there are other challenges that await you.

Though you'll be saying good-bye

to people and places

that mean a lot to you,

there are others waiting

for you to discover.

As you graduate,

I wish for you life's blessings:

people who love you,

dreams that come true,

strength of mind and body,

deep faith,

a few good, close friends,

and learning that never ends.