the radio

the radio blares the song(s) that remind me
so much of you. and the rain shoots pebbles
at my window and for some reason, even the
rains reminds me of you (the water of blood).

(can you believe that it's almost been a year
since cold blade met skin? oh no, you couldn't
because you haven't acknowledged my hurt yet.)

can we press rewind and go back to the way it
was? (so i can trace my/your mistakes and fix
them.) can we press pause (on life) in order to
talk about this? or maybe we should fast forward
to see how things go (when i see you again).

this irregular pattern of (my) life could never be
put back to normal because even when the scars
fade, i still have the memories (i can't erase).

(what is normal? i hear the question thrashing.)

i want to fade into nothing (with my favorite
songs echoing in the background as i die).

May 15, 2006


author's note: this is loosely based on my love for music. i was listening to my chemical romance's the jetset life is gonna kill you and then taking back sunday's head club. i thought i could entwine my love for music into one of my works. i'm satisfied with it but i think i could have done better. i have a lot of things running through my head that can't be put down into words.