"Old School"

Walking down the hallway

It's all so nostalgic

It may be empty

But I can imagine the people

The students that used to roam here

The teachers that used to reprimand here

I walk down the center

And maybe dance a jig

I turn myself around

And look at the bare walls

In my mind's eye

I see a child

A crying child

She asks me to help her with something

She says she can't do math

But I know she is not real

And I refuse to help the crying child

As I turn away and continue my walk

She stops crying and disappears

The hallway seems to get longer

And I can't find the doors

This dream is not fun anymore

I don't want to be here

With this feeling that I can't get out

My heart feels overwhelmed by a new pain

A crushing feeling that means I'm not alone

Turning back around I find…

The girl, but not the girl

She is not herself anymore, but her voice is the same

She is distorted with no more eyes than a soul

Her figure is not recognizable, but her voice

That sweet, innocent voice

It's impossible to ignore

So I walk towards her

Knowing she will kill me

Closer and closer still

And I can't stop myself from touching that distorted face

The face that not so long ago looked almost 13 years old

No wetness left from the tears she had cried

Nothing at all anymore


She touches my face

As curious as I

And then extends her claws and tears down my cheek and chest

Bleeding, falling, darkness clouds over me

I have awoken…

And school must begin again today