"A Courtyard Somewhere in Death"

By: Cassandra Freiborg 5/16/06

I stand before and archway,

Passing through just slightly,

Like a ghost through a wall,

To the other side.

It's a courtyard,

Large and stony,

Leading off in three directions.

I stare towards my left,

Walking over to yet another archway.

It reads "Past"

Confused, I walk further.

There are doors lining this courtyard.

I can tell from looking,

They have all long since been sealed tight.

"You cant go back."

The voice of an angel beside me.

"And you are?" I ask.

He smiles,

leads me back into the main courtyard.

I see now this large area is labeled "Present"

I walk straight across,

To the last and final archway.


Is this death?

For only heaven could have such a courtyard.

But then,

what future can be had in death.

Curious I thought.

I saw but a few doors,

All only slightly ajar.

Too afraid to see what lay ahead,

I stayed on a bench,

In the center of the courtyard,

Next to the ethereal stranger,

And made no choices at all.