You still make my heart skip a beat

You still life me off my feet

When I'm with you I flutter

When I talk with you I stutter

I wish I could be in your arms forever

It would make my life so much better

The way you talk to me is like wow

You like to make me feel better wow

You are just so amazing

I love the way you're gazing

The way you held me

The way you kissed me

I know we were through

A while ago

Over a year to be exact

But when I saw you yesterday

With that new hair cut

And freshly shaved

And that lovely sent

My heart went skipping a thump

We walked with your arms around

Me and me around you

Moving in life with each other

In each other's arm.

Then you gave me a kiss

Then I gave you one back

Back to a year ago

In love with you.

But I don't know how you feel

Maybe you're lying to me again

To make me happy

And loved

I'm confused about you

I'm confusingly in love with you.