No te veo!

is the cry that lowers eyes,

down to the cracked pavement where sits cloth

wrinkled and cracked

shorn by rat, moth and man.

Shriveled inside those skirts of dirt,

blouses burned and spurned,

out of these giftts of "charity"

given with a kind word and eyes of ice,

the battered crone stares up,

sightless eyes seeing the future,

where the end is near and open-doors are shut.

The eyes of millions gaze through that blind face

stripped of the right to see,

at those who go, living, loving, always walking free

the voices of millions call in all tongues through cracked pale lips

speaking to the wind, rain and sun

though to all else they are naught but dumb,

The eyes of millions drop in lament

not for any lack in life

but for shackles to a miserable track, paved in strife.

"No te veo" means "I cannot see you" in spanish.