In this masquerade you pull me along on these barbed wire strings,

As somewhere in the background, a fallen angel sings

Make me dance barefoot across shards of glass,

I beg you, have pity, make thisdance the last

Make this masquerade end, remove my mask

Please cut these strings, that's all I ask

I don't want to dance in this twisted masquerade, but I must obey the strings

As I dance this painful dance, to the song of broken halos and burning wings

You take my hand, I wish I could run

You spin me along, how can you be having fun?

Have you no pity? Have you no shame?

For this blood on my wrists, puppet master you are to blame

I try to forget for a minute, the painmy dancing partner brings

And listen to the sadness, as the fallen angel sings

But the pain is too great, it cannot be ignored

Yet your so calm towards my pain, you seem almost bored

This masquerade ball, you insist upon me

Are you blind to my pain? Do you care? Can you see?

I dance in this masquerade, pulled along on these barbed wire strings

As somewhere in the background a fallen angel sings