Are We Living in a Final Fantasy VII World?
By Trang An

I could only guess that you must think I am crazy, as you might have thought after reading the title. Perhaps I am, perhaps I am not. Then again, we all live in a crazy world so I could be sane in my own rights. Anyways, I digress. What I am about to present in this theoretical essay of mine is something that is so farfetched, so impossible that for me to even think it is to say, the very least, eccentric. After playing the popular video game that a good number of people are familiar with and observing our world for quite a long time, I have come to the hypothesis that the world on which the characters of Final Fantasy VII is none other than our very own Earth. How have I come up with such a connection? Allow me to elaborate on my findings.

First off, let's start with a map of the Final Fantasy VII world, which can be found using a search engine such as Google. If you just look at it, you would see that it does not resemble anything like our world atlas, correct? Yes that is true, but if you think about what you have learned in your old science classes about geography and how environments can change, this map will not seem all that different. Confused? Let us start with the Northern Continent, also known as the Icicle Area as noted on the FFVII map. Does it look familiar? If you compare the FFVII map with that of our world atlas, you would see that the Northern Continent's orientation is similar to that of the island of Greenland at the Arctic. Interesting, yes, but that does not prove anything. However, let us take into account that little thing about science with the environment changing. Greenland has glaciers that are moving and melting due to steady global warming. You have learned in science classes that glaciers can carve out the earth. Knowing this, isn't it possible that the Northern Continent of the FFVII world could be what Greenland would look like if the glaciers melted? And if that is the case, the world of FFVII could be what our Earth would look like if a strong global warming occurred coupled with earthquakes that split continents and reshape the land and an increase in sea level due to melting glaciers.

Then again, the design of FFVII's world map may have been based off of that idea altogether. Makes you wonder though, doesn't it?

So the FFVII world looks similar to ours. What else in our world can compare to that of FFVII? People come to mind. Yes, so both our world and the FFVII world have people in it. But what I am focusing on specifically are the Ancients, or Cetras, in FFVII. In the game, it is explained that the Ancients were humans that have the ability to communicate with the planet. They are nomadic people who existed roughly 2,000 years prior to the events in FFVII. Since we could see in the game that people in the FFVII world are technologically advanced, we can only discern that the Ancients had to be technologically advanced to some point in order for the technology to reach that stage in FFVII. Seeing as how we in our world possess technological powers such as atomic bombs and great advances in biological sciences, how much more can we advance in 2,000 more years? We have come a long way in 2 millennia; the possibilities are endless. Perhaps the next scientific advances would produce even stronger weapons that could rival that of the Mako cannon in FFVII. Maybe we could be the Ancients that would set up the FFVII-like world for our future generations. Communicating with the planet may be evolutionarily impossible for us, but technological advances are right around the corner.

Ever thought of Materia in our world? I know what you're thinking. Materia? In the real world? Yeah, right. Perhaps it is best if I explain the origin of my Materia theory. In a legend I have heard of, there exists thirteen crystal skulls in the world. In every one of these skulls, vast knowledge of people in the ancient world is contained within. It is said that when the human race has evolved further enough, the crystal skulls will reveal their inner knowledge when all thirteen are brought together. Sound as crazy as a movie plot? Well, the legend was featured in a Travel Channel special and actually showed footage of crystal skulls that people have already found. Though some of them turn out to be fake, others have proven themselves to be genuine articles through scientific analysis. (People have even claimed that the skulls possessed curing powers! Cure3 perhaps? Ha ha ha.) The way the skulls were created was supposed to be impossible to succeed; in fact, experts say that the skulls shouldn't even exist! A scientist who has been researching on the skulls says that the type of crystal that the skulls were made out of are the same material used in computer chips to store great amounts of data. Taking this into account, the idea that the skulls possess vast amounts of knowledge is not so farfetched.

So, if the crystal skulls really do contain knowledge of the ancient world, what would happen should all thirteen be brought together and humanity evolved further? Would we get something like the magic of the Materias in FFVII? Maybe they'll summon monsters that we have always heard in myths and legends around the world. If that's the case, then perhaps the crystal skulls could give us some idea on where the ideas of monsters came about. My guess is we'll never know.

In your science classes, you have learned that energy cannot be created or destroyed. If that is the case, then everyone shares the same flow of energy in life. When someone or something dies, the energy is transferred to another living person or thing. Doesn't that sound similar to Lifestream? It should, being that Tetsuya Nomura, who came up with the story of FFVII, explicitly said that the concept of the Lifestream was based off of that scientific principle. In knowing that, we in the real world really do live off of an invisible Lifestream of our own, don't we? It's not an actual physical stream, but it's there.

Now I'm going to digress off the subject for a while because I feel this is worth mentioning. You may choose to ignore this rambling and move on to the next paragraph. In the legend of the fountain of youth, it is said that there exists a natural fountain of water that supposedly causes a person to experience eternal youth and in turn eternal life if continuously consumed. For me, I believe that the fountain contains not water but a sort of Lifestream. The Lifestream contains life energy which should aid in keeping a person younger and alive longer. So that means the fountain of youth is an opening to an actual Lifestream of our own world! But as this is simply speculation, for there is no proof of the fountain of youth and hence no proof of physical Lifestream.

I will now move on to point out a strange observation I have made while playing FFVII. Have you noticed the small population of people on the planet? Surely with advanced technology there should be a huge thriving population of people as we can see in our world. Yet in the world of FFVII, the human population is small and spread out. Of course, any FFVII player can see that this is because of the monsters roaming about the planet and keeping the human population at bay. Survival of the fittest is the law of the land in the world of FFVII.

It makes one wonder about the civilization of the Ancients. Since it was said that the Ancients were nomadic, it gives the implication that there were less in numbers compared to the population of people during the story of FFVII. You could compare this scenario to primitive Earth when Cro Magnons and Neanderthals first came about into the world in small numbers. If that is to be the case, then that raises even more questions. If the Ancients were as technologically advanced as us in the real world now, what happened to make their numbers smaller? Could it be that when their civilization was like our world with its huge population and technologies, some disaster occurred that nearly wipes out the population and reducing it to a small size that resulted in nomadic traveling which then later sets them up for their fall at the hands of the Jenova extraterrestrial? What could await us in the year 2012? (The year when the Aztec calendar will end and supposedly some big event is going to occur.) I guess we shall see.

I want to strongly emphasize that everything that I've mentioned in this essay is purely theoretical. None of it is completely true yet completely false. This was written out of my fanaticism for Final Fantasy VII and my odd tendency to connect things in the real world to that of the FFVII world. For no reason should you take this entirely to heart. Again, all of this is purely theoretical.


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