He holds me
like a real love(r).

Kisses a
savage tongue
across my
bruised lip.
Never cherishing,
merely revels.

get me hot, baby.
I'll pin you down
with my little thighs,
which will surprise
you with their strength.
My stamina is
quite extraordinary.

Flip me over
like a thin pancake;
press down to
leave holes burning –
just like a
heady spatula.

The blankets
barely cover me
and my shame.
I love him,
lust you.

All his friends
were so, so right.
I was
bound to cheat on him

A kiss
to worship
on my temple.
It burns
like too-much-cinnamon
on a too-sweet bun.

I lose
all eloquency
and speak
in a tongue not my own.
The greek goddess in me
worships this mortal
who could
be just a demi-god
in pitiful disguise.

I think you
broke my back,
making me arch
into you.
Soft and sturdy,
feeling your heart beat
from all over.

Oh, you sweet wonder,
you sour in my mouth.
Turn me over, so I
don't have to face
our adulterous gathering.

Release me
from your hands
that ooze
bitter promises.
you ethereal fuck,
stop stroking me
with your eyes.

I have to go
back to him.
He tastes so different,
so much more
less exotic, but
so much more
safer, comfortable.

I won't tell
if you won't.