Anchored While The Waters About Me Are Ever Swirling

Somewhere along the line

Those daily rains of, "The Rainy Season"

Those showers that ever fell from clouds so dark

Suddenly when all accumulated

When the waters ceased

To have a place to flow into

Became as a raging flood in my life

Felt so tossed about

Was somewhere in the midst of the waters,

Keeping my head above the waters

Though felt at any moment about to go under

Then it was my Anchor I found

Reaching forth for it and hanging on

The waters ever swirling

As more rains falling continuously

Submerged in waters ever gaining in their strength

Yet not I not tossed out to where no hope would there to be found

In the midst of it all I was secure

For my Anchor was outlasting the Storm

Soon the Rainy Season would have to end

Somewhere the sun was shinning

Those dark clouds would in time just have to give way

The waters will eventually subside

I am hanging on…

Anchored in the midst of the swirling waters of Life.

May 9, 2006 Tuesday