Sinister sailor, scurvy scalawag,

Comes like a dreaded stalker in the night.

Sailing silently 'cross the azure sea,

Perilous thoughts floating in his mind's sight.

He recalls a time, seems so long ago,

(As he aimlessly raises the mainmast);

Friends, a lover; deceptions of youth,

A cracked window into a fractured past.

He thought of that spring; they had been so young,

He and they having just come out of school.

His lover and he, a kiss they had shared,

But a secret he'd kept--he'd been a fool.

Even then, he had still been a pirate,

Though he had never revealed it to her.

Mistakes he'd made, other pirates betrayed--

They'd come for revenge, his wrath to incur.

He'd tried to stop them; he lost his real hand,

And she went down to stay with Davy Jones.

Now like a lost dog with nowhere to go,

He sails under the wretched skull and bones.