To Ease Me, I'll Think Of You

When I can't go to sleep,

You always seem to come to mind,

And it feels like for a split second,

I can leave everything else behind,

I forget for a moment the lies,

All the bleeding pain,

To ease me, I'll think of you,

And look for you in the rain.

- - -

Sometimes I wonder if it's a dream,

If feels too good to be true,

And it seems every time I want to sleep,

I always think of you.

As the night comes,

Sleep seems hard to find,

I can't close my eyes for a second,

Without everything at once coming to mind.

- - -

I can't escape the cold,

I can't clear my head,

Only when I remember you,

I can ease myself to bed.

To ease me, I'll think of you...