She doesn't Study, She drinks Slim-Fast

She steps over the heels and skirts and
Worn books and journals filled
With yellowed and dog-eared pages
(And with dreams and thoughts and sighs)
That litter the floor beside her treadmill
Neglected ever since her hope
Was laughed down to a flickering flame
And a chocolate-rancid drink
Harsh and smooth and tinged with cardboard
Chases antidepressants down
Her slender throat
Despite the lump of anguish
And resignation that has been
Hiding there ever since her hopes
Were squashed into submission
She heats up fries and wipes up fat
To fund her glitzy wardrobe
(Not for college, because she won't go)
And her hopes dwindle and wane
Like hourglass sand running thin
While she lacquers her nails
And bleaches her shiny brown hair dry
Ever since she was told
That girls don't hope and dream,
(Or read or write or speak)
They look pretty

A/N: Slightly random. . . inspired by a conversation (Argument) that I had with my boyfriend about why, statistically, men are more 'successful,' (financially and in school) do more important jobs, etc. than women. We kind of agreed that it definitely isn't because men are more intellectually capable than women, but that it is because they tend to try harder- and thus we met the point of dispute. Because one of the main reasons in my opinion is that it is because girls are taught that it is at least equally important to look attractive as it is to be intelligent, if not moreso. So, why bother? Because most likely, it would require hard work that would still go unappreciated, in order to succeed in typically male jobs, and it certainly wouldn't attract men. . . And I'll digress. But, yes. . . It kind of set me off.