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Chapter 1: Arrival

I walked through the school clueless as to where I'm going as I try to keep from making human contact, but the halls are so crowded. I'm glad my parent's have managed to balance their jobs and teaching me. That changed this year ;however, they said I need to go to school and learn how to "interact" with people, not something I really want to do, but whatever. i walked into a big room that had a sign saying office. You couldn't miss that could you? I went up to the lady behind the desk.

"I'm Alan, and I'm here to pick up my schedule," I stated shifting my weight from one foot to the other. The lady typed something in her computer and soon she handed me my schedule. I barely manage to find my first class, but I had no idea what subject this was as I didn't look at the subject on my schedule, I liked surprises. i handed my note to the teacher and sat at an empty sit in the back. I was given a history book and I mentally groaned. I hate history. Who wants to hear about some dead guys anyway? Any takers? I didn't think so. I heard whispers behind me followed by hushed giggles. Yep, I hate this class no only because it's history, but it had giggly girls! The one thing that truelly drives me insane... giggly girls. I payed as much attention to the teacher as you could in history and as the bell rang shouted "FINALLY" before scampering out of the classroom. I walked quickly down the hall, but was grabbed by the waist and hit what I asssume assumed was someone's chest.

"Look at the cute little goth boy," voiced a man. He had naturally tan skin, blue eys, was built, and had blonde hair. I didn't know what to do so I just stood there motionless.

"I thought goths didn't come out and play until after dark," stated the man so close I could feel his warm breath on my cheek. I kept silent hoping he'd let me go, but I stayed firmly in his grasp. He kissed my cheek and I decided it was time to go. I struggled at the same time, but was careful not to make a scene. I was shoved against the wall and the man stared at me with what looked like curiosity.

"Settle down. We're all good friends here," stated the man calmly, "I'm Duke."

"Alan," I introduced myself weakly.

"Welcome to Eager, Alan," voiced Duke giving me a smile and leaving. That was scary. I hurried off to my next class and listened to the teacher droon on about the economics of something. I got out my notebook having nothing better to started writing.Hey, it's what I do when I'm bored. i did notice however that there was was at least one other goth guy in the school besides me. He was kinda cute, hot is you wanted me to be honest. He had think green hair, a lip ring, and all black clothing. I think his nails were painted black too, but I'm not sure. He wore a black dog collar with small metal spikes. He was one of those people everyone couldn't help, but notice even if you didn't like him. After I have fully observed the man I got back to my writings and hoping I got art on my schedule ( what I like to draw too). The bell rang and it was time for lunch. I put my books in my locker and went in the direction I thought the cafeteria was in. Today must not of been my day, beacause once again I was caught by the waist and pulled into Duke's chest. I noticed that one of what I assumed was one of Duke's friends, he had light brown hair, hazel eyes, and had his muscled arms wrapped around another man clad in black. He had the spiked dog collar on as well. His shaggy brown hair fell into his green eyes and the man's body langauge told me that he didn't wish to be here either. My attention was was turned back to Duke though when I felt his hand go up my shirt and was now resting on my stomach. I squirmed trying to get his hand off, but soon realized this wouldn't work so I tried to get away. That obviously didn't work though and I once again was up against the wall.

"What's the matter," questioned Duke his face getting closer to mine,"scaried?"

"You bitch," shouted Duke's friend as the other boy in black took off running. I slipped out of Duke's arms while he was distracted and took off in the opposite direction. I'm not in very good shape though and soon I was slammed against some lockers.

"That wasn't a very smart thing to do," warned Duke slightly annoyed," next time you'll be punished." Duke released me and I ran to the tables outside that everyone sat at during lunch. I found a nice spot of grass and layed down catching my breath. The man I saw take off running from Duke's friend suddenly appeared in front of me.

"Hey.I'm Nick. Why don't you come sit with us," inquired Nick giving me a small smile. I nodded and followed him to the table. Everyone ther wore mostly black and were male. They looked slightly similar, but they showed their personality in what their shirts said and if they had chains on, etc. i sat down noticing the man from history and that everyone had black spiked collars on, odd. We talked a little and I found out the man from history was called River. My stomach growled, but I didn't have time to get lunch and catiously got up to get a drink to tie me over. I turned and jumped seeing Duke. He grabbed my arm and dragged me into the bathroom. Duke stood there seeming to be waiting for someone. Soon Nick was pushed into the bathroom followed by the Duke's friend.

"What took you so long Max," quesioned Duke with a smirk.

"Little bitch sure knows how to put up a fight," muttered Max darkly. Nick was standing in the middle of the room looking ready to take off any second. Max took a step towards him and Nick backed away. Max let out a fustrated sigh and took off after Nick. They disappeared into a stall, many unfamiliar sounds were heard, and Max came out holding on tightly to Nick's waist. He looked defeated like he'd lost a battle he knew he needed to win. Max clipped a leash onto Nick's collar. What was he an animal? Not to mention the leash was very short I was so intraced in what was happening I didn't realize something had been put on my neck. I heard a click and began to struggle. Duke let me go and in the mirror I noticed that now I too had a spiked collar. This cannot be good.

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