Okay, I will confess, I came up with the basic idea for this while, yes, in the shower, so I apologize ahead of time if it freaks you out (don't worry, its not perverted) as far as, well, come to think of it, all my stories are sorta freakish, so never mind! Please flame!

Had it been a dream? Of course, it had to have been. There was no way such a being could come from no were and kidnap you. Well, of course they could, but not the being Enzeru had seen. Not the huge human-like creator (Human-like beside the point it was as big as maybe three humans!), not that thing with claws, fangs, and a nightmare of a face.

"Being, if you are awake, why not open your eyes? Aren't you curious of your new surroundings?" a rather deep voice asked, though it had the lightest hint of generosity in it, so Enzeru trusted it not to be that of the horrible thing she had encountered.

The teenage girl had probably been lying and the floor with her eyes sealed so tight she was beginning to see spots for a good ten minutes, maybe more. But to open them with the fear of seeing it again was all too terrible a chance.

"Being, please open your eyes. If it is Ganjou who frightened you, I assure you, he is gone, and if he were not, he really is a decent troll." The voice begged. Enzeru's eyes flung open. Had he said troll? Trolls only existed in one place: fairy tales, so what in Gods name was the young girl doing being kidnapped by one?

It took a few seconds for the darkness in the Enzeru's eyes to fully disappear, but once they did a more human creator stood before her, though he still had fangs and claws and eyes that suggested to be any thing other then a human.

"That's a good little human. You will get a serving of pie tonight. Now get yourself ready to get some of your possessions." The stranger ordered. Enzeru could see she was still in her house, but something told her she wouldn't be long.

"Why? Were are you taking me?" she demanded, trying to sound superior but instead sounded more like a confused duck. The strange man laughed before replying, a long laugh, that made the girl a bit more nervous then she had already been.

"We are going to your new home slave. You will work for me and my family, and if you do so properly, you will be fed. You may take all the possessions of yours that can be carried in your arms. Oh, and mine as well not pack clothes, you will be required to wear the clothes we supply you with. Let us go to your room."

Enzeru did as she was told despite her fear. The girl opened the door to her room as memories from previously that day when she had been put to sleep by a troll hit her. The girl didn't know what she needed, but she was ready to take as much as she could.

She started off by tying her blanket around her neck like a cape. Then she tucked her shirt in her pants and stuffed her pillow down. So far, no hand space required. She then dumped all the cosmetics out of her make up tote and replaced them with pictures and antiques. The tote needed only one hand to carry, and the girl already had all her room decorations (the ones she liked that weren't added by her mom anyway) in her possession. Next was her jewelry, which she planned on keeping. The girl raided everything from her jewelry box and placed them on her body, putting earrings in her pocket. She then ended with putting some of her favorite books in the jewelry box and looked at the stranger, signifying she was prepared to go.

The man nodded, pretending not to notice the rows of tears roll down the young girls face as she mentally said good bye to her room and house, and life.

The trip was most stunning for the girl who expected to be walked somewhere underground, but instead was conveniently teleported to the enormous mansion in which the stranger lived in.

"Heather! Heather, we have a new comer, show her how we do things." The man shouted the minute the couple were solid and fully teleported.

Enzeru was most delighted to find a fellow human come running up. She was in rags, her face was horribly dirty, and her hair was put sloppily into a pony which was damp with sweat, but at that moment she looked wonderful. Dirty may she be, she did not have claws or fangs, so it was perfect in the eyes of the young girl.

"Yes sir!" the girl looked completely obedient, that is, until her master walked away and out of ear shot, then she slumped her back and whipped her forehead.

"Okay noob, rule one: don't annoy me. If you do, you will find I can make it extremely hard for you to get a good days work. Kapeesh?" The sudden surge of rudeness surprised Enzeru. She froze then smirked as she replied.

"Perhaps you are unaware that in the process of trying to destroy my day and savatage my work, I am smart enough to turn it right back in your face. Kapeesh" the girl named Heather starred dumbfounded for a moment's time, then started laughing.

"You and I will get along just fine kid. What's your name?" She asked throwing her arm around Enzeru welcomingly.

"Enzeru, and I aint no kid. I'm short for my age, but I'm actually sixteen." Heather again laughed as she led the young girl down the corridors.

"No kidding. So am I, and so is Ronin, the magic age I suppose." Heather said, receiving a curious look from the girl. "Oh, that's right. You don't know who Ronin is, you don't know anyone yet. Oops, I suppose I should have been telling you. Master Raidon has three sons. The youngest is four. He's quiet a fellow, you'll like him, his name is Toyo. His name means adored or something like that, and trust me, he is. Then, Ronin, sixteen little shit head. He's got an attitude and is very stubborn. You won't see much of him fortunately though" Heather explained, slapping Enzeru gently on the back.

"Why?" the young girl ignored the slap, to intrigued in the conversation. "Why? Because he's got the weakest immune system I've ever seen in a demon. By the way, that's what they are, not like the troll who kidnapped you, Ganjou got me to, but he's actually pretty nice once you get to know him. He's free though, he works for cash. Anyway, Ronin can get even the smallest cold and die from it. That kid is always sick. Then, the occasional day he's not sick, he's in the mansions library which you more then likely won't have to go through. Ronin's the only one ever in there so it's never really messy and only needs an occasional dusting." Heather pointed to the library doors as she passed them.

"Finally, the oldest of twenty three, Masakazu, and let me tell you, Ronin is nothing compared to this guy. I've been here since I was five, and everyone was so excited when Masakazu turned eighteen, I remember. We were even going to throw a small party, that's how bad he is, of course, the party being behind masters back. Anyway, his father instead put the darn kid in his business, now he's here forever. You better hope Raidon doesn't die, if he does, that shit head takes over. I shudder at the thought." Heather shuddered rapidly to signify this.

"Anyway, Raidon's wife is named Masa. She's paranoid of becoming ugly; she'll do anything to prevent it. She wants to be pampered day in and day out, but your new, so you're lucky. See, she only trusts her oldest slaves to pamper her, even older then me! I'm not even allowed in her spa! But I suppose once all the other ones die of old age, I'm not to far in line.

Anyway, you might get some free time that you won't use up sleeping. Slavery in this house aint to bad, though there is the smacking when you misbehave. On Christmas, the slaves all throw a party behind Masters back. We make each other gifts with the scraps from some stuff we gotta make the three children, like left over wood from a toy made for Toyo. About the other slaves, there are seven more. You and I make and nine total.

First there's Shannon. She's basically my best friend. She's fifteen. She's sort of a loon though. Then there's Trisha. She's a smart little idiot who thinks she knows everything. At thirteen, she's a little conceited. Lexi is a cute little five year old, and a really good worker for her age. She's Toyo's best friend, but master doesn't know. He doesn't like Toyo playing with the "property". Then the twins, Izzy and Nanna. They aren't real twins, but they sure act like it. They pamper Masa, and they won't tell us they're age, but all of us assume they are really old. Kelsey is so lazy. She's seventeen, and often goes without dinner, but she sneaks it anyway. I don't like her. Finally, Eric, the only male servant. He's seventeen. He's a geek, but I sort of developed a crush on him. Don't tell him or I'll be forced to knock your teeth out. There's your room. Your outfit is in the closet, change, grab a duster, and meet me in the living room. Here's a map, find it when you're done kiddo." And with that Heather dropped the paper and left Enzeru to her changing.

The map Heather had drawn was very precise. It was easy to find her way all the way from her room to the other side of the mansion. On the way, she passed a room and stopped short to listen. Inside the room, she heard yelling.

"I'm fine mother! You can't keep me cooped up, I'll die!" said the first voice. It sounded to be one of the children, definitely not Toyo.

"You are not fine darling, you have a temperature. Now get some rest, if you like, you can sit in the spa with me and lie down." The other voice suggested.

"I'm not a woman! I want to see the war! Even Toyo can go! Anyway, it's not a huge temperature! When the hell don't I have a fever? I say this is as good as it's gonna get!" Enzeru assumed it was Ronin, and he sounded angry.

"Honey, a war isn't something for someone with your condition to watch. There's dust and smog and everything imaginable to kill you. Toyo gets to go because he's going to be a warrior when he's older. Its practice. You can't be a warrior, they'd never take you. Now, momma has to go to the spa before my face breaks out. Please rest." Enzeru jumped as the door before her opened and a female demon stepped out. In the room, the word "bitch!" could be heard. She ducked her head and sighed before noticing the girl's presence.

"Who are you?" she demanded. "Um, I'm the new slave. I was on my way to the living room, am I going the right way?" a smile spread on the women's face. "Yes dear. Sorry about the noise, teenagers, what can you do. My oldest son was worse at this age. Please leave Ronin alone for the day. This room was already cleaned."

"You mean I'll have to clean that room someday?" asked Enzeru with wide eyes. "Yes. Why?" The girl gulped at the thought as the women continued laughing. "Oh, don't worry. Most the time my son is asleep, and anyway, he only ignores the help. He's never ever attacked one. I don't even know if he knows how many slaves we have. Oh! No! I must go! My face, it's been to long since its been in a mask, I'll get wrinkles!" with that the skinny women ran down to her spa.

It was a hard day's work but Enzeru did it. Now she would be able to rest. She was given a mattrace in her room and shelves above it. Everything was finally put in its place. As Enzeru starred at her old possessions in the new location, she couldn't help but wail. She missed her home, her family, and her friends. She'd never see them again, and she never got to say her goodbyes.

"Miss? Are you okay?" A toddler had wondered into her room. He was very well dressed and Enzeru assumed it was Toyo. "Oh, yes. I'm sorry, I just miss my family." The girl wiped her eyes. She didn't want to upset the boy.

"Its okay, that's normal. I don't think its fair my daddy took you, even if you are a disgusting human." The boy sat next to Enzeru. There went the hopes of sleep, but it didn't matter, she enjoyed his company. It made her room, her new home, seem more, well, homely.

"But why was I picked? What did I do?" she asked, remembering fairy tales and stories she was told were something had to be triggered for you to be taken. The boy gave a sad look.

"Nothing Miss. You were simply alone, so my daddy who needed a new slave told the big troll to get you. Are you mad at the big troll? Are you mad at my daddy?" the boy asked with big eyes. Enzeru couldn't help but laugh.

"No, and maybe a little at your daddy, but not a whole lot. I don't get mad easily." She explained. "Then, are you mad at me?" the boys eyes grew even larger.

"Oh! No! You didn't do anything honey. Are you mad at your daddy?" the boy shrugged before answering, "A little. I don't like how he took all those humans and makes them work with no pay. It's not fair, the troll is more disgusting but he gets paid just because he's big and can defend himself. My daddy also makes me go watch the war going on, he wants me to be a soldier. I won't though. I don't tell him, cause he says 'of course you will son' but I won't. When I'm old enough to get a job, I'll also be an adult so I can pick what that will be, and it wont be unfair to anyone. I won't kill." The boy said positively.

"Then what do you want to be?" Enzeru asked, hiding the laugh inside her. The boy was so cute with his light brown hair and his freckles. "I want to be a doctor, like Ronin's doctor. Ronin doesn't like him, but he doesn't know him. He's really nice. He tries his best to figure out what is wrong with my big brother."

"You don't know what's wrong with him?" she asked. She assumed the illness was known. "Nope. Daddy said what's wrong with him is he's a stubborn little fool, but mommy said that's not it. Mommy said that's not a disease, and that daddy's just being mean." Enzeru couldn't hold her laugher at the way the young boy said that.

"Heather told me about you and Lexi. Are you sad you have to sneak to play with her?" she asked, becoming concerned. "Yes. Lexi's nice; I wish daddy would let her go. She misses her mommy and still cries for her. But she's lucky, because Lexi's daddy still is with her." The girl gave Toyo a confused look. There was only one male slave, and he was too young to be a father. Toyo sighed then explained, "I can't see him either. I guess its cause he doesn't live here. He lives up there." The boy pointed to the ceiling signifying what he had just said. "But he still watches Lexi, she told me. She also told me he used to get sick, sorta like Ronin, but he doesn't hurt anymore. I wish I knew why so I can help Ronin to."

Enzeru wiped a tear from her eye. The poor five year old must have had it so bad. "Honey, trust me, you don't want your brother to go were Lexi's daddy went. Your brother wouldn't be happy there." Toyo shrugged. He didn't fully understand.

"Toyo! Time for bed!" Raidon's voice echoed through the building. "I gotta go miss, but before I do, can I ask you something? Will you be my friend?" Enzeru laughed and shook her head yes. The boy scuttled off to his bedroom as Enzeru wiped away another tear and went to sleep.