Enzeru carefully examined every item she packed in her bag. Part of her couldn't believe it was all over, that she was returning to her leisure filled life, that she'd go back to school and see friends, eat normal food, and furthermore not have to work day in and day out. As odd as it sounded, she was nervous about going back. She couldn't remember times when she would sit at home wasting the whole day watching TV. It was as if she were starting life all over again and Enzeru didn't really know whether she liked this or not; a part of her life was slowly dying.

"Can I come in?" Masakazu asked from the doorway trying out his new "manners" (and with an exception of certain "short temper" incidents he'd been doing pretty well with that). Enzeru spun around to see the demon in regular human clothes. He looked normal for once; he wasn't in some suit and in turn he looked his age. Enzeru found herself eyeing the burn on the side of his face; the gun had exploded when he had saved them. This made her feel a bit guilty; it'd defiantly scar. Enzeru sprung to her feet and gave the demon a hug.

"Feeling better? Ronin's outside if you want to see him," Masakazu said. Enzeru's heart started beating at a fast pace. Both the teenagers had been kept in their room for a week for recovery, she hadn't seen anyone but the doctor for a full seven days and she wanted to see Ronin more then anything but she had a feeling he had excluded himself somewhere to think and she wanted to give him a little more time, just a teensy bit more.

"I'll see him in a bit. Your uncle, did you, I mean, is he," Enzeru tried to ask. There was no easy way to say "did you kill him", no matter how she tried to phrase it still sounded just as blunt but it would bug her until she knew. Sure she hated him, she hated that man so much that she hoped when his time came he'd rot in hell for all of eternity, when his time came. She didn't want Masakazu to have killed him; two murders in the family were just too much.

"No, I knocked him out pretty good and waited for the cops to come. They got the whole story and he's going to jail for the rest of his life. My dad and him poisoned Ronin because he wasn't living life the 'honorable' way of a demon. He didn't want to be embarrassed by his son so he thought he'd just do away with him. He found out about Toyo's gift too, and after he refused to give up his goal of being a doctor to fight for the military they both already knew what to do." The demon said as he helped Enzeru pack her belongings in the bag his mother had given her. After the last item was packed both sat in silence for ten minutes.

"Why was I so stupid?" Masakazu finally asked. "I was scared for Ronin but all I did was push him away. I wanted him to be proud of his older brother so I worked hard when all I really had to do was talk to him. I almost lost him because of my foolishness" there was no denying it; there was defiantly a tear gathering in the corner of the demon's eye.

"You didn't lose him, and you can thank yourself for that. If you hadn't come he'd be lying dead in that church right now, so would I. I know exactly why you pushed him away, and you do to, you were just scarred, he was dying and all you could do was watch, you did nothing wrong:" Enzeru said as she placed her hand on his. They exchanged smiles before he got up at hearing his mother call his name.

"Oh and Masakazu," Enzeru called as the demon began to make his leave. He turned his head to look at her. "He looked up to you, he always will, trust me." She said as she remembered the fight the two of them had engaged in a while back. All both brothers wanted was attention from the other.

Enzeru carried the bag down the hall into the room where everyone else was gathered. The walls now stood naked, all furniture had been stored in a moving device (in the demon world the moving citizens simply placed all their items in a small bag that had infinite space). The house and all its memories were being passed on to another family; just like that. It too was being reborn.

"It's all over kid." Heather said as she gave her friend a light punch "I'm moving really close to you; we need a bigger house because Lexi is moving in with us for a while until her sister is done with school and can take her in. Until then Linda wants to see Lexi as often as possible which is just fine with us. We were actually going to move to Florida but I told my parents I couldn't leave you after all this so you better make me damn proud of my decision. They're right over there, my parents, they're starring at you I suggest you wave and smile as sweetly as you can. You cost them a life in Florida." Heather said as she nudged in the direction of her parents who were inspecting every bit of Enzeru to assure their agreement was suitable.

"What the hell?" Rachael asked as she pushed her way to Enzeru, "don't say hi to me, that's cool! Not that you care, but Todd and I are not getting married, not yet. I just got out of slavery and I sure as hell aint being a housewife". Todd tried to push his way back to his girlfriend but he simply fell flat on his face. Rachael sighed and thanked whatever made her realize she couldn't get married yet; she was too young to be taking care of a big kid (and she was not talking about any young children she would have).

Enzeru smiled as she looked at the boy. As she looked up, however, something caught her eye and whipped the smile right off her face. There, standing as if she had just come home from band camp, were her parents. Enzeru slowly made her way over to them and did her best to get them both in one hug (which was fairly hard to do because her arms were too small to fit two adults in them).

"Mom you wouldn't believe how many things have happened to me!" she started in a quick pace voice "I met this total jerk but after I got to know him I found he wasn't really a jerk and I fell in love! Me! I fell in love! I met this girl, the one over there, her names Heather and she's perverted, mean, and utterly odd but I love her like she was my own sister! Oh and the jell-o! The ants got the jell-o!" she managed to say in a single breath. Her parents laughed, a more worrisome laugh, for they feared their daughter had lost what little sanity she had BEFORE she was kidnapped, but a nice laugh anyways.

"Oh and I also met this guy who's more retarded then I am! I swear Mom! He's nice and all but geez he'll probably end up dying someway stupid like choking on cheese!" Enzeru added as she tried to remember what else she had done during her long time in the mansion. It was so odd; she could remember any given moment in the house before the time she stood in front of her parents. For some reason she just went blank.

"Pst! Enzeru!" Todd said from behind, "I wouldn't talk about Masakazu so loudly he's right over there!" he said as he tried to point to the demon in a sort of stealthy, ninja like manner. Of course this just ended up looking like his hand was having some sort of hand-seizure and the look on the human parents face became even more worrisome.

"Right, Todd, if I'm not mistaken you have cheese to go choke on, and Mom, Dad, I have someone I have to find" Enzeru said as she waved goodbye and walked out the door. She expected to have to walk all the way to the greenhouse but she managed to find Ronin sitting right there on the steps. He had healed quite a bit but still looked very beat up and tired. She also managed to notice the fact that he had wiped his eyes numerous times which could only mean one thing…

"You're moving to the human world, you'll even be on the same street as me, your mom told me" Enzeru stated as she strayed away from his stained eyes. He didn't need her to point out the obvious and besides, she wanted desperately to tell him that since Masa had told her. She had said that if they had found each other TWICE and fell in love TWICE, she wasn't going to be the unlucky soul who separated them again.

"I know." Ronin said quietly and the two sat in silence for what had to be twenty minutes. "My dad tried to kill us." He finally said without looking away from the tree he had found so fascinating in the time Enzeru had been there. "He almost did, had I not killed him he would have so," Ronin stopped and looked down at his feet. One had a shoe from the human world on it; the other was wrapped in bandage over a dozen times.

"So?" Enzeru asked as she moved closer to the boy. He put his arm around her and she responded by putting her head on his shoulder. This was something she could defiantly get used to; no more slave work, Ronin, and Jell-O. This was as good as life had ever been. She closed her eyes and tried to embrace this all.

"So why the hell do I wish I didn't? Why the hell do I keep trying to tell myself it was okay but end up telling myself 'it was your father fucktard'. He almost killed me, why do I still think of him as a father?" he asked more to himself then anyone else. Enzeru felt the arm around her tremble lightly so she put her arms around Ronin and hugged him closer.

"Because he IS your father, he will always BE your father no matter what. Had he succeeded in what he was trying to do he'd STILL be your father and it's unfortunate he made you do what you had to do but in the end it HAD to be done and there's no going back. You'll always feel guilty because he'll always feel like your father but you have me and Toyo and Masa, you even have Masakazu. We're proud that you had the courage to do what you did" Enzeru explained. She pinched herself lightly to stay awake; it had been a long day full of packing and she just wanted to cuddle up with Ronin and take a nap. Somehow she couldn't see him doing that.

"Are you insane? You're PROUD I murdered my father? I killed someone and you, Enzeru the girl who feels pity for a piece of stepped on grass, is proud?" Ronin asked. Though his words sounded mocking his voice sounded more shocked so Enzeru let it slide, yawned, and thought of a way to explain without sounding like she was some cruel bitch who wished death on people (somehow she didn't think that was the job of an angel).

"Yes, I'm proud you had the courage to hurt someone close to you to save the people you love. Put someone without that courage and they would have run away or let him kill the people he loved and maybe even himself, you looked past what you wanted or didn't want to do and did what you had to. I'm proud." She said as she grabbed his jaw to her lips. The two fell backwards on the cement steps but kept their lips locked.

"Dude, some things are meant for public and then others are meant for bedrooms" Heather said as she peered down at the two with semi disgust. Eric stood behind her holding all her belongings. She had explained to him that she was a woman, and being a woman she could not be burdened to carry heavy objects such as a bag of all her belongings, and being a woman she had the right to push the man (Eric) around and FORCE him to carry her things, because she was a woman and could kick a certain spot without the favor being returned.

"We should have sold you to a pedophile" Ronin said under his breath as he tried to hide the fact that his cheeks were red by putting his head down in hopes shadow would cover everything. It only made him look depressed and/or dead. Enzeru laughed at the thought of a depressed dead person and was about to share her visualization with everyone before she decided it wasn't the best time for that.

"And we should have spit on your head when you were sleeping, darn, I guess we both missed out" Heather joked as she messed with Ronin's hair (a jester he did not take too kindly for his hair was NATURALLY messy enough already). The two of them pinched each other back and forth until Ronin, getting bored, bit Heather's arm.

"Are you freaking nuts?! Did that medicine go to your head?" Heather asked, stopping herself from adding "did the POISON go to your head?" That defiantly wasn't the right thing to say so soon after…everything. Instead she walked behind Eric hoping that if Ronin HAD gone mad he'd eat him and not her (romantic sacrifice as she called it).

"No but I got you to stop pinching me, didn't I?" He said as he stuck his tongue out at her (for some reason his heart had been filled with immaturity; he assumed this was just because, besides the whole guilt thing, he was pretty happy for once). Heather responded to this by throwing a punch but Ronin caught it and held on to her wrist very tightly. For a while Heather struggled before she got an evil look on her face.

"Hey look Enzeru he's got big hands, do you know what that means?" she asked and immediately Ronin shot his hand back and became very, VERY red; as did everyone else. She had mentioned something unmentionable; she truly was THE bitch. What's worse was another GUY was present and it was more then noticeable said guy was blushing as well.

"Big gloves?" Enzeru asked in complete honesty. Everyone starred at her to realize that the reason SHE was blushing was because she was embarrassed for not knowing why everyone ELSE was blushing. Heather started laughing as loudly as her voice would allow her to go; this only made things ten times better. Ronin's cheeks were now turning a NEW shade of red never premiered in the Crayola box (yet).

"Come on what are you a prude? You've never heard that saying, you know, big hands, big feet, big," Heather trailed off to let Enzeru's imagination run wild while Ronin started to walk away loudly singing "LA, LA, LA" with his hands over his ears. She waited and waited but unfortunately Enzeru's imagination did not travel much farther then Jell-O.

"Enzie, m'dear, just curious, how far have you gotten with a guy?" Heather asked hoping like hell she'd gotten AT LEAST as far enough to start to understand the joke. Jokes were not fun if you were dealing with a dense twit who just didn't get it enough to enter the full trauma of embarrassment.

"Remember what I was doing when you came out? Well that's as far as I got, why, what does that have to do with it? It's ankles right? Big hands, big feet, big ankles, like those fat ankles that don't really exist, did I get it?" Enzeru asked as her face lit up with joy. Heather hit her head with the palm of her hand; this girl was just impossible to work with.

"Yes, that's it, big ankles, you got it, now why don't you go see if Todd can get it?" Heather asked after giving up not only because she felt that explaining it would end up being a never ending mission but also because Ronin's "La-ing" had gotten louder, angrier sounding, and more obnoxious. This was just something she was going to sit around and try to ignore.

"Okay I bet he says something stupid like brain, HEY! Wait Todd has small hands and small feet and a small brain too maybe that's part of the saying, you think Heather?" Enzeru asked and immediately Heather and Eric fell into a fit of laughter and Ronin was left with HORRIBLE visualizations that would surly haunt him for the rest of his ALREADY traumatized life.

"Enzeru, just go find him okay?" Heather asked after she was done laughing. Enzeru nodded and ran back into the house. Everyone waited outside long enough for Ronin to threaten to kill Heather over a dozen different times, for Heather to make a new song called "kill me a dozen new times I'll come back from the dead every time just to redden those cheeks a bit more", for Eric to tell her that long song titles such as that never made it far unless you were a band, and for everyone but Rachael and Enzeru to file out of the house and await for the transportation that was to take them and their belongings to the human world to arrive.

Enzeru finally walked out on the front steps and yelled out that Rachael couldn't find her necklace and if anyone had seen it. Before anyone could answer something was dropped from a dragon in the sky. Masakazu's heart stopped; he recognized the pattern on the dragon, it was the enemy. Before everyone's eyes the house was blown to mere nothingness.

Ronin immediately started at the house. He was grabbed by Masakazu who was worried he'd find Enzeru's body and be even more broken then before. Ronin fought his way out of his arms; he didn't care what he found because he wouldn't accept the fact that Enzeru was dead. He reached the front steps and found her laying face down with her head in her arms. Ronin stepped back and began to tremble; why was she so still?

After what seemed like forever (but was really only a minute) Enzeru slowly pushed herself back up. Ronin helped hold her up for a moment because she was still shaky but all energy was regained once she remembered who had been in the house. "Rachael!" she yelled as she tried to run to the mountain of broken wood and marble. Ronin grabbed both her wrists and held her close to him. He shook his head slowly when she looked up and her face fell into shock.

Enzeru had read about what was dropped in a book that she read when she was resting. It was a weaker version of a bomb, she was fine because she was an angel; they were immune to the blast. Everyone else had stood too far away, but Rachael…she was only a human and she was INSIDE the house at the time of the hit. There was no way she was alive, her friend since the third grade was gone, just like that, just when they were about to be freed.

Everything blurred. Enzeru could hear Todd's loud and muffled sobs in the background but nothing more. She slowly felt herself drift off into a sleep in Ronin's arms.

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