Hand in Hand with Apollo and On to Hephaestus' Workshop

and just like everything that shines and glitters,
you were very dear and ohsonear
to my metallic icicle heart
because you were the sun
trapped more than a million light years away or so
and caught between other celestial gravities
and i remember how you used to touch the morning snowflakes at sunrise
or even how you would twist&twirl over the sea
and made me shadow puppets at sunset
just so you could let me feel your so called warmth
and soften me, and melt me
into something malleable (or at least more than i used to be)
and then you could hopefully mold me
into a better show-off dangling earring,
or a glimmering unbreakable bracelet
or any other a.c.c.e.s.s.o.r.y you could think of
because you figured out that i could never be something
more than a rusty stylized ore
hanging on your clavicle

you were almost the perfect enlightenment for me
but just as i expected,
your rays burn my eyes
(and they still hurt)