I'm running out of time and I'm running out of medication
to satisfy me when I can't sleep at night.
I planned on giving up the hopes of everything important
until I saw that things maybe could turn out alright.
Empty viles lined the floor.
I came so close and yet so far.
My death, my life, my survival.
Knowing you're there is keeping me alive.
This far from penetration in my veins to keep the blood flow streaming
after I decided I didn't want to breathe.
But time is wasting and I don't plan on not living at all.

The days are getting shorter
as winter comes around the corner.
Could you do this favor for me?
Can you remind me not to bleed?

Why sleep when I'd rather be thinking?
Why dream if dreams just won't come true?
Why feel if it's not worth believing?
Why waste my time thinking of anything other than you?

I'm sick of tragedies and parties
that celebrate nothing in particular.
Give me a reason,
I said give me a fucking reason.
Time is running short and I'm wasting it all
while I waste away life going blind by a screen.
But I promise I'll come to you if you'll come to me.
(This could be the way it's meant to be).

My heart is on the west coast dreaming of dreams deferred and irony
and breathing in the sea.
But my mind tells me it's not a promise worth keeping,
a dream only exists as long as you're sleeping in
and throwing your day under the wheel.
You're not supposed to remember how to feel
if it means anything at all.

But this means everything to me.
I've fallen on my knees
and you can be the one to help me stand.
But is my hand even worth taking?
Will my heart be worth breaking?
This isn't of the interest anyway,
not anymore, not anymore.