I'm sinking in the sands of time.
So close to eternal sleep,
to forgetting how to breathe.
And you came to sweep me off my feet,
wipe the dust from these eyes
and show me light.
Now I can write a song of smiles
instead of miseries to pass the time.
Sorrow was a friend of mine
but it was dropped
as quickly as my heart stopped
when we enclosed ourselves in a soulful bind.

My heart and head are one in the same
as you show me how they unite
within the confines of the hour,
as we're lying in the moonlight.
And we can be free for the moment
with a wish upon a star
that keeps us together for the night.

A touch of solid ground
and the world can turn to gold if we would let it.
Sterling silver light so sweet at midnight in the grass
and I swear, I won't forget it.
And we'll move closer as the air turns colder
to freeze the time we spend.
We'll breathe the world together in the limelight of this weather.
We're swimming with the wind.

At one time, I lived inside a lie
but I'm alive within a smile that strengthens with these ties.
I don't want to let go, but I know
that forever won't be long enough within the hours I feel alive.
Shed the spotlight on the darkest clouds
that separate you from my history.
Leave the darkness behind you as I promise I'll do
to relieve ourselves from our heart's deepest mysteries.

Move a little closer;
we'll be content to stay this way until the morning.
I can pray it never comes.
Shoot the moon in this game of hearts
and we'll be free from tyranny.
Which direction's left to run?
All the fear has been swallowed
in an escapade of battles in a draw.
And for once I can believe that I am winning
if you're by my side,
your hand enclosed in mine.
And we can smile;
this is only the beginning.