Where did the sun go?
The night's returned and I feel so alone.
A heartbeat to crave but you're not here to turn to.
And the sky turns darker as time runs too slow
but it won't be long enough until I see you again.

A vibe of the plastic,
communication is such a thrill
and your words bring me back to sense and life
from the lonely war of separation (anxiety).
Voice on the phone, so deceiving;

you're so far away but so close to me.
How much longer must we do this
before I dive into your smiles again?
Believe me, this could be pain
'cause heartache seems to prolong the day.

When I see you, I'll be healed,
I can survive for a little bit longer.
Hold me close, live in your eyes.
The moment makes us stronger.
Nothing compares to the time we spend together,
never forever won't be long enough.
I'll be spending my days missing you and I'm glad I do.

Another week passes and I'm okay for a little while
before the acid settles down to light my heart on fire.
Feel the burn, feel lonesomeness until the weekend
where you free me from the meaningless distance.
Sit tight and maybe this day won't be so hard.

Take my hand to take a chance,
to freeze the time for attempted eternity.
You heal me, you save me in a way you may never know.
How much longer until time runs short?
I don't want to let go.

Basic touch on acidic skin to mix neutrality with water
and we can try to learn to freeze time for the moment,
in a moment before it dies.

...But until then, I'll be spending these days missing you.