Chapter One

New World

I am crossing my arms, so I could shelter my body
As the moonless sky, has sunk the ocean to dry
I close my eyes, from this madness cry
It could have brought me, to a tragic chaos
As the new world, is trying to cast me away, from the land
I was born and fed, because I'm nothing but a threat
I have an irresistible kindness, that evil were not an inch glad
I uphold the truth, which evils were dumb as rocks with refused
I can't be a loyal servant to this new earth before
For I was just as tall as a sword, from my old man's coat
The evil now has done cruelty, though far from our reign of blueness
They are suffocating the life within us, in our own walls of happiness
They are massacring us, from the above and not even the most dangerous poison
Could ever replaced their evil kind, as they want us as food
And if they could, they'd shield us up in their bars of demonic prisons
And now at twenty and six, for I have come of age
My hair is tied up with a string, hiding my thoughts from the way I think
As I have my lungs filled with medleys of songs that I've heard before
From the memory of my dear mother, humming through the walls of cloudy pink
As images when I was an infant soon faded away
It was replaced by what is left, in my mind right now for me to bear
I cried for days and night, trying to be save and brave
Trying to keep everything in place, to having the faith in everyone
And especially to those I lived to care, and shall the Gods of Krasna
Have us blessed with charisma, and shall we mortals and immortals alike
Once have fought battles amongst ourselves, shall we be together
And claim this turf, we once had our blood shred on
Only our blood, the descendents of the present shall flow
On this solid ground, until justice and freedom are born
And it'll bring down the evils to the finish, that has caused Old Earth to vanished