The land is silent all around. A thick fog hovered over the wet, green grass. A figure moved through the dense moisture to walk to a headstone. The figure, a tall and beautiful woman, sat on the ground in her black skirt and blouse. She wore sunglasses to hide her tears but she can't hide anything from him.

Three years ago, the one she loved died of AIDS. When she had found out, her world had turned upside down. Everyone had told her to leave him. He had cheated on her and gotten HIV that grew into AIDS. No one would have blamed her for leaving him but she couldn't have. She had loved him.

"I can't read you." he told her one day as he lay in the hospital.

She hated seeing her big, strong man weak like a baby. "I can't fix you so I'm never going to leave your side. I'm your life support for as long as you want me to be." she replied.

"I don't deserve you." he whispered.

"You're right." she said. "You deserve better." She kissed his forehead and held his hand.

Looking back on the memories, she recalled how everyday she prayed to God for another day. Just one more day with him. He was her life support. As bad as it is to wrap your life around one being, she hadn't been able to help it. She lost herself to memories again…

In his final days, she wanted to do everything she could to help him but couldn't. She was frustrated that she couldn't do anything. So many times she crawled into bed with him to hold him as if it were the last time she would be able to do so. She covered him with kisses. Everyone thought she was crazy. But she would never leave him.

"I'm sorry I can't heal you baby." she said sadly.

"Your love heals. It helps with the pain." he told her with a weak smile. "I love you. I'm sorry you have to deal with me, with this."

"I'll never leave you. No matter what."

She felt the dew seeping through her cotton skirt. It was cool against her skin. She raised a hand to her stomach, knowing what he next memory would be. It always came…

Tremors rattled his body. He shook violently as she held him. He groaned, gasped, moaned and cried out in pain. Tears leaked from both of their eyes. They knew what was happening and they couldn't do anything to stop it.

The dark, purple bags under his sunken eyes mocked her as he looked at her. "I…I love y-you. I'll…I'm…sorry. Lo-love you." he managed to get out before he died.

She kissed him one last time and held onto his body until she had to let go. "Goodbye love. I'm never going to leave your side."

The sun began to break through the dense fog. Rays of sunlight shot through, casting an ethereal glow around the cemetery. She kissed his headstone. Although she told him goodbye, she had never betrayed his memory by loving another. She rubbed her stomach and smiled through the tears.

"I know that I'm three years too late telling you this but I…I hadn't wanted you to worry about me or feel guilty. But…we have a son. A beautiful little boy. He has your eyes and your nose.

"I'm sorry for not telling you about him. I told him all about you. He loves hearing stories about you. He wants me to bring him to meet you and I will. Someday." She wiped at her eyes and kissed his grave again. "I'll be back tomorrow love. Until then."

She stood and walked back to her car as the bright morning son beating down on her back, her dark clothing absorbing the heat. She felt someone looking at her and turned around. He was there by a tree, smiling at her.

"See you tomorrow." he whispered into the wind.

"Tomorrow." she told him and he walked away into the sun.

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