-Appleton, Kansas-

I woke up to see dark clouds and sighed. Do you ever feel like your life is in black in white? I do, my life is so dull and dreary, the same old, same old, everyday since I graduated, only now I don't have homework. I'm in rut and I hate. I feel as if I'm missing out, as if someplace else there are people who are doing new and exciting things, while I'm stuck here where there's nothing.

It's gloomy days like this where I sit in my room and listen to music and dream about that other place. That other place where the sun shines everyday, where there's a bustle of people to meet, where opportunities are just dying to meet you, where every night is an event, where there are miles and miles of stores, a place of diversity, a place where I'd belong. One day I was going to go there. I just had to, I was dying here alone, ever since all my friends either left for college or got married. I stayed behind, I didn't have the money nor grade and enough credits to go to a college away from here and getting married was out of the question being that I'd rather die than marry a guy from here A bit snobbish, I know, but I'm just unhappy and restless in this damn one horse town. Especially since I know, deep in my heart, there's a better place for me. I was in a part of my life where I felt like I needed to do something drastic to get myself out of this rut, and junior college and the promise to transfer in two years wasn't going to cut it. I needed change NOW.

This morning, though like the usual ones, was in fact different, because this morning was going to be my last morning here for I wasn't going to sit and daydream anymore about the places beyond my town. No, today I was going to leave my hometown, where I grew up and leave to find the place where I'd start my life.

I got up and dressed and did my usual morning rituals of getting ready for school. I went to the kitchen where my Aunt Emma was making my Uncle Hank eggs.

"Morning, you want some eggs, Thea?" she asked me.

"No thanks, trying to watch my figure, an actress always---"

"Has to have no skin on their bones," my uncle finished in his own version of my answer.

"No, and do you know how much calories is in that?"

"Now enough, Thea. Have you taken thought in what we discussed yesterday?" My aunt reminded while serving my uncle eggs.

"About what?"

"The conversation that you stormed out on of us asking you to think more about what your direction in life is going to be?"

"Yeah I have and that's, get the hell out of this town."

"I know, hun, but how? The pace you're at you'll be here ten years from now still living with us and trying a new major."

"I doubt that, trust me big change for me is."

"Big change huh?" My uncle scoffed.

"Yeah, big, I'm not off track, okay."

"When was the last time you talked the college counselor? Have you chosen a college yet to transfer to?"

"There's no college we or I can afford other than Kansas state," I gagged.

"Have you looked into scholarships?"

"Please, they won't give me one, my grades aren't good enough."

"Ms. Gretchen called."

What does that old spinster want now?

"No," I said.

"Thea, we can't keep paying for you to just go to junior college and drift off like this. So I was talking with Ms. Gretchen, she's looking for an assistant, I told her about you and she's interested in hiring you. She has a room in that big house of hers for you to live in, rent free, she'll give you hours that allow you to continue school, and if you work hard she's agreed to pay for you're the college you choose to transfer to. Thea, this is a great opportunity and I know you and her have past issues and you can't stand her, but can't you just suck up your pride and take it." My aunt pleaded.

"She killed my dog," I said.

"That was an accident, Thea," My uncle stated.

"No it wasn't, she hated my dog and hit it with her car!"

She did, she killed my poor innocent dog over her stupid garden she claimed he ruined.

"Get over it Thea, it was eight years ago, hasn't that women suffered enough guilt from you?"

"I'm going to school now, bye!"

"Thea, you remember what I said last night, that Hank and I are going to kick you out if you do not make a decision on where you're going," she said after me.

I got into my old black Toyota and looked at the house for the last time, before turning on the radio full blast and driving off singing along to Kelly Clarkson.

"I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly, I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky, make a wish, take a chance, and BRREAAKK AWAAYY!"

I started laughing, full of excitement of what lies ahead for me.

Four hours later there were still farm fields, but the weather suddenly changed to darker gray. The sky was almost black. I drove on, changing the station to music instead of talk.

Suddenly something hit my window, I stopped my car in panic. It was tree branch. I heard a strong wind and I slowly turn around.

Oh shit. This is what I get for breaking away? A tornado?!!

I quickly change gears and drive fast hoping to beat it. I don't want to die! I don't want to die!

I turn the steering wheel and drive in the field, but it seemed to follow me. What am I going to do? Oh no!

I then see a twirling mailing box and before I could comprehend it hits my driver's window and suddenly everything went black.