Missing the mark, living in dark,

Reaching for something not there.

Seeking fulfillment, yourself empty,

But grasping at empty air.

A deadly poison, lethal to life,

Coated with delicious candies.

"I shouldn't! But just one bite, that's all--"

So nice, so sweet, so good!

"Only a little bit more...",

As we recklessly indulge the whole thing.

Momentarily gratifying,

Pleasing ourselves,

While the poison comes inside us,

Eating away, killing us slowly,

Bringing us further from light and life.

A horrible deception, a terrible lie,

That ensnares us so easily.

Tiny increments of darkness

That amass to a monstrous death.

"Maybe so, but it wasn't so bad."

"I think I'll have some again."

So we take it--again, again, again.

A promise to stop is shattered

So many, many times over.

We take the candy that comes with poison,

Gradually killing ourselves.

All that it does is leave us empty, unfulfilled,

Constantly craving more.